Working Overseas—Here’s How to Find an International Job

Posted March 26, 2022 by in Career
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According to the U.S. Department of State, there are currently 9 million Americans living and working abroad. Would you like to join the ranks of these adventurous souls by exploring job opportunities elsewhere?

Working overseas has enormous benefits for the young and restless. You’ll get to experience foreign destinations on a much deeper level, travel places you’ve never been before, and earn money in the process

Here’s how to broaden your horizons by finding an international job to boost your CV and appeal to your interests.

Decide What to Do and Where to Do It

Let your interests and experience guide you when searching for a job abroad. It’s much easier to find a job when you know what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve made up your mind, the next step is figuring out where you’re likely to find a suitable job. It’s also important to consider details like working conditions, pay rates, and whether you’re allowed to work in a country before you decide on a destination.

Depending on these factors, you might need to reconsider your options or take a temporary job to get your foot in the door while searching for your ideal international career.

International Job Resources

When you’re looking for a job in your local neighborhood, it’s easy to look on local job boards or get a referral from a friend. You can also pop in for an interview at the drop of a hat.

Things are not that simple when you’re hunting for a job in another country. Fortunately, many websites specialize in working holidays, internships, and gap year opportunities. 

These websites also feature a wealth of information about foreign destinations, as well as any businesses looking for workers from the USA. 

Working with a recruitment agency can help you find global jobs in your area of expertise and work with you to create a resume that appeals to employers in the relevant country.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Once you’ve settled on a country for your new career, you must investigate what you need to work there.  

Every country in the world requires a work visa or permit for foreigners who want to earn a living within their borders. Most foreign embassies will describe the requirements on their websites.

Some countries, like the UK, have stringent requirements when it comes to dishing out work visas.

Once you know the criteria, get the process started as soon as you can. 

In some cases, prospective employers might arrange the necessary documentation on your behalf, so it’s worth asking them during your interview.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

When you manage to find an international job, you’re enjoying the privilege of getting paid for your travels.

You’re also opening the door to a prosperous career both at home and abroad. Employers place a high value on experience gained in other countries, no matter where they’re based.

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