Your Guide to Buying a Wedding Dress

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Marriage is a one-time special event that every girl dreams of. No girl would ever like to compromise the way she is getting married. She chooses the best for herself in everything including, her spouse and her wedding dress too.

The wedding dresses should be described precisely using the right words to know what exactly it looks like in the bride’s mind. The bridesmaids also deserve to look beautiful wearing beautiful bridesmaids dresses.

The word “silhouette” is used to describe the overall shape of a gown. It sets the mood for the bride’s overall look. The bridal dresses come in different types of silhouettes.

The Best Suiting Silhouette Type

Take a step back from the racks filled with gorgeous wedding dresses, and one will get to notice that there are six basic shapes that the dresses come in. Understanding the body type is important to pick a silhouette as the bride wants to show the best features as much as possible.

Here’s a guide to the different silhouettes one will come across:

  1. Ballgown: Easy on the Hips

The most classic dress shape is a Princessly ballgown silhouette. It makes the bride look royal and straight from a fairytale. All the magic in the ballgown silhouette lies in the difference between the close-fitting at the top and the voluminous skirt at the bottom. Pear-shaped and hourglass figures look wonderful in this fitting. The balance makes a huge difference for pear-shaped figures and hourglass figures. This is also a flattering silhouette if girls are more angular and want to flaunt their curves.

    2. A-Line: The Universally-Flattering Shape

An A-line dress creates an A-shaped body. It has a cinched torso and a long skirt that spreads wide enough from the waist. It cannot be matched to a ballgown, but it also balances the curves and highlights the torso, which most of the body types will appreciate. Mid-length and tea-length are slightly different from A-line dresses. One should try these out for a modern twist.

    3. Empire: an Elongated Look

The empire silhouette dress is different with its high waistline that begins just below the bust. At the same time, the lower part, i.e. skirt, flows straight down with a little volume. While the bust is the highlight of the gown, the streamlined skirt elongates all along the body, which is perfect for petite brides. This silhouette is often chosen for better breathing as the shape of this silhouette does not compress the torso.

    4. Mermaid: Turn Heads with Dramatic Curves

Slimmer and taller brides with noticeable curves often prefer this type of silhouette. It creates an hourglass shape and is fitted from the upper body to the hips and then flaring out around the knees. This silhouette can be toned with soft materials like satin or lace, out all at once with layers of ruffles. 

    5. Serpentine: Flaunting the Curves

It is kind of similar to the mermaid silhouette, and it is sometimes also called a Trumpet silhouette. This silhouette gradually flares from the hips until the knees. This can also be called a lesser version of the Mermaid silhouette. It gives an hourglass shape to curvy brides with the bodice that is fitted and a soft glare.

    6. Column or Sheath: Some Different Magic

The brides with a pear-shaped body structure and petite brides often choose this silhouette. A silhouette like a column or a sheath is a kind of the A-line and Serpentine silhouette. It outlines the upper and mid-section before the skirt flows down. It’s not completely fitted or flared on any part of the body. This silhouette has a heavy bottom section creating a smooth frame.

We hope this wedding dress buying guide helps you pick the perfect silhouette for you for your wedding day.

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