Your Guide To Getting A New Septum Piercing

Posted July 7, 2021 by in Fashion
woman with septum piercing

Piercings are now one of the biggest fashion statements out there. In the past, facial piercings were seen as unprofessional and unsightly, but these ideas are outdated and no longer relevant in today’s professional landscape. The younger generations all around the world are dedicated to expressing themselves in all forms, be it tattoos, clothing, hairstyles, piercings and more. 

Our ability to express ourselves is very important. It shows that we are individuals, not conforming to the standards of society, and doing what we want with our own bodies. If you have never had a piercing, or perhaps you have only your ears pierced as many people do, read on to get a full guide to your new facial piercing:

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What Is A Septum Piercing?

Septum piercings are just one of many different facial piercings you can get. Your septum is the cartilage between your nostrils, which can be pierced safely with a bar or a ring. 

Septum piercings are increasingly popular as they can be both subtle and bold, depending on how you wear them. The jewellery can be gold, silver, colourful, full of stones or plain – all depending on your chosen style!

How Much Does It Hurt?

All piercings involve a little bit of pain—obviously. Your body is bound to react when a foreign object is pushed into it, so yes, it does hurt. However, many people avoid getting piercings in their nose or face because they fear that the pain will be excruciating. This is a common myth.

Flesh piercings such as ear lobes and lip piercings are bound to hurt less than cartilage piercings such as the septum or upper ear. That is simply due to the number of nerve endings the needle is coming into contact with when it goes through. 

Some people find septum piercings very painful; other people find it a breeze! The bottom line is that, however painful, the pain is short-lived and with the right aftercare, will soon go away. 

How Do I Make Sure My Piercer Knows What They’re Doing?

A reputable piercer will help you with every stage of your piercing. Here’s what to look out for in a great piercer:

  • Aftercare advice. The piercer will usually provide you with a sheet of information on how to take care of your chosen piercing. Plus, they might provide you with a cleaning solution that you can use. It is VERY important you follow these instructions or you could wind up with a bad infection.
  • Good quality jewelry. For a new piercing, plain jewelry, often called body piercing jewelry, should be used. This type of jewelry is usually titanium or platinum. This is to ensure your body doesn’t react badly to the metal. After the initial healing period of 4-8 weeks, you can find beautiful septum rings for sale at many retailers, and swap in your plain jewelry for something more personal. 
  • Reviews. Check out online reviews of your chosen piercing parlor before you visit. A good place will have four stars or higher on customer ratings!

woman with her septum pierced

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