Your Morning After Pill Guide—How Does This Plan B Pill Work?

Posted April 29, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

The morning after pill is there to prevent unwanted pregnancy as a result of unprotected sex. Sometimes it is unforeseen circumstances that lead us to seek out the morning after pill, and sometimes it is because our usual method of contraception has failed. Whatever the reason, there is a solution when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies.

One of the options is to buy Ezinelle, a popular emergency contraception medication that is taken within 72 hours of the occurrence of unprotected sex or after contraception failure. We are here to answer all of your questions about Ezinelle in your morning after pill guide: how does this Plan B pill work? 

Basic information

Let’s start with the basics. Each Ezinelle tablet contains 1.5mg of levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel belongs to a class of drugs called progestins. Progestins work to prevent the release of an egg from the female ovary, or by preventing sperm from fertilising an egg that has already been released. It can also be used to alter the lining of the womb to prevent the development of a pregnancy.


Ezinelle is most effective when taken within 12 hours of unprotected sex, and must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex having taken place in order for it to be effective at preventing pregnancy.  Timing is important because the combination of drugs in Ezinelle work to prevent the release of an egg from the ovary in order to prevent pregnancy.

Ezinelle can be taken at any time during your menstrual cycle, presuming that you are not already pregnant.

How it Works

Ezinelle works to prevent the release of an egg so that there is not one present to be fertilised. It also helps to produce a thick mucus at the lining of the cervix that prevents sperm from passing through. The tablet is taken orally, and it is important to swallow it whole. You should not chew Ezinelle or break it down before taking it as this will impact upon its effectiveness.


Ezinelle is a highly effective Plan B medication, and fewer than 1% of women who take it as a form of emergency contraception go on to become pregnant. It is important to note that if you vomit within two hours of taking Ezinelle, you will need to take a second dose. This is because of the amount of time that it takes for the medication to enter into your system and become effective. 


Ezinelle is effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy in women who weigh less than 70kg. 

Side Effects

When used as a form of emergency contraception, there are some side effects that you may experience when taking Ezinelle. These side effects include nausea, fatigue, headache and irregular bleeding until your next period.

These side effects are common and usually pass. If you are worried about the continuation of these side effects over a long period of time, then it might be a good idea to see your doctor.