Your Summer Social Life: How to Stay Stylish at Every Event

Posted April 21, 2013 by in Lifestyle

There’s no way to avoid it; summer is a social season. From weddings and garden parties, to barbecues and vacations, there’s a definite need to transform your wardrobe in time for the warmer months. But where to begin?

Having a winter wardrobe cleanout is always a strenuous task, but it’s something we all have to go through. Need some fashion inspiration? Here are some combinations to ensure that you start your summer social life in style.


Finding the right holiday wear can definitely be stressful. There are a million things you need to consider. What you’ll be doing during the day, the weather, maybe even what your kids need to wear; the list is endless! Our advice is simple: start planning and packing early.

For a beach holiday, your staple item is swimwear. Let’s face it, if you’re going to be out in the sunshine for hours, this is all you’ll need. Whether it’s a high waisted bikini or lingerie inspired one-piece, take the time to find the right style for you.

Going on a cruise? Then remember to take longer dresses for the evenings. Just a simple floor length silk number would do the trick. You can thank us later.


Garden Parties

Garden parties, cookouts and picnics can also be difficult events to dress for, as you never really know how formal the event will be. Will it be just you and a few friends? A family gathering? A big birthday celebration? Well, whatever the occasion, there is one item of clothing that’s ideal for any garden party; maxi dresses!

Maxis have the magical ability of blending in with any fashion crowd. For those who have an inkling that the get-together will be more causal, complement your combination with a pair of gladiator sandals. And if you want your outfit to be a little dressier, opt for wedges. It’s as easy as that!

Oli-Floral-Waterfall-Maxi-Dress~19H616FRSP_W02Dress: $68.00 at Kaleidoscope


Similar to garden parties, for weddings it’s a good idea to wear something fresh and summery. Again a floral maxi would be a wise choice. However, if you’re the mother of the bride or a ‘VIP’ of the event, then you need to think formal.

It doesn’t necessarily have to take a huge amount of effort. But if you’re there for the duration of the day, then you need to find something that’s appropriate for the day and the night. Keep it classic. An elegant midi dress coupled with some opened toed heels would work perfectly


What are your favorite go-to summer outfits? Let us know in the comments below.