Your Ultimate Guide to Maxillofacial Surgery

Posted December 16, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

The jaw is what constitutes your facial structure. If it gets misaligned, your face will lose its shape. And this could also affect your health. Even though this condition isn’t harmful, research shows that it can cause psychological problems. Fortunately, this can be corrected with maxillofacial surgery. Choose an experienced maxillofacial surgeon and have it corrected. Keep reading to learn more.

How It’s Done

Maxillofacial surgery typically involves repositioning your jawbones to suit your needs. Bones are reshaped according to your preference. Your surgeon utilizes surgical plates, screws, as well as, rubber bands to fasten your jaws into the new position.

In most cases, this surgical procedure entails creating an incision inside your mouth to get rid of visible scarring. But at times, small incisions can be made on your face.


After undergoing the surgery, your facial appearance will be dramatically enhanced. Your speaking will also improve significantly. Other issues that’ll be corrected include:


If you have problems chewing food, that’ll be rectified with maxillofacial surgery. Fixing your misaligned jaw with surgery will make eating and swallowing more pleasurable. You can start enjoying your favorite bites. There’ll be no more restrictions.


When your jaw is misaligned, you’ll experience problems with your speech. Maxillofacial surgery can improve your ability to speak and prevent inconvenience. You’ll no longer have to struggle to express yourself. Your speech will be completely restored.


Having a misaligned jaw can increase your risk for headaches and pain. Maxillofacial surgery relieves these symptoms, hence improving the quality of your life. Headaches can be very disturbing. They can make your life miserable. But the good news is that getting a maxillofacial procedure done on your jaw can permanently fix this.

Joint Pain

Having a misaligned jaw can sometimes cause pain. Getting a maxillofacial procedure done can alleviate pain. Jaw surgery is designed to relieve the pressure exerted on your teeth due to misalignment and help you feel comfortable.

Simply because you were born with a misaligned jaw doesn’t mean you’ve to stay like that forever. Numerous corrective measures can be undertaken to restore your jaw functionality.


Most patients who’ve misaligned jaws experience sleep problems. They also find it difficult to breathe at times. Getting maxillofacial surgery can go a long way in resolving such problems. It can relieve sleep apnea and help you lead a better life. After the procedure, you’ll be able to take enough rest and enjoy a more productive lifestyle.

Tooth Health

Maxillofacial surgery doesn’t just realign your jaws, but it also protects your teeth from wear. When your teeth are correctly aligned, the pressure of every bit will be evenly distributed around the jaw. And this will go a long way in preventing wear and tear.


Jaw correction will automatically lead to an improved facial appearance. Your teeth will be positioned appropriately and your physical looks will be enhanced. Plus, your confidence will be significantly improved.

Getting maxillofacial surgery done can be highly beneficial. It’ll restore your smile, improve your confidence, and help you chew comfortably. Above is all you need to know about maxillofacial surgery and how it can improve your life.