10 Common Hair Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted October 21, 2020 by in Beauty
how to take care of your hair

A healthy mane can make or break your confidence during life’s biggest moments. Going in for a job interview? Meeting the person of your dreams for a lunch date?

No matter the situation, you’ll want to present your best possible self and that means healthy, strong hair.

To keep your tresses intact, it’s important to know the most common hair care mistakes so you can take action.

Here are 10 hair care mistakes to look out for during your everyday beauty routine:

how to take care of your hair

1. Styling While Wet

After a shampoo, your hair is at its sleekest. It’s natural to want to pull it back into a ponytail free from flyways and frizz.

But this is an illusion. Your hair is actually at its most fragile when it’s dripping wet.

The strands appear sleek and strong only because they’re saturated with water.  Tugging at the hair will create breakage and sometimes split ends.

Wait until your hair is at least 80 percent dry before styling it. 

2. Straightening Hair While Wet

Again, this is a no-no because it falls under styling hair while wet. But some people wrongly believe that the application of heat while straightening hair helps it to dry.

You can’t skip steps when styling your hair. You’ll have to blow dry first, then apply the flat iron.

You risk burning your hair strands when you add extreme direct heat as soon as you leave the shower. Blow-dry your hair until it’s completely dry before using any and all styling tools.

how to safely straighten your hair

3. Over Moisturizing

A lot of natural hair care blogs focus on moisture, moisture, and more moisture. While textured hair does need more moisture than straight hair, it doesn’t need to be excessive.

At the end of the day, your hair just needs a boost from the hydration it should be getting naturally from your scalp. Ease into these hair products and the temptation to oversaturate. 

If you still feel a product in your hair several hours after application, it’s far too much. The result will be breakage and possibly large amounts of shedding. 

4. Wig Wisdom

Hair extensions make the world go round. Wearing a different style every day gives you the chic look you crave without having to run to the salon.

But be careful about wearing wigs without giving your scalp the proper chance to breathe. Synthetic hair can create friction against your natural hair leading to breakage.

The same applies to clip-ins. Never sleep with hair extensions unless they’re sewn in. You’ll want to choose human hair extensions when possible to ease the potential for damage to your locks. 

5. Traction Alopecia

Speaking of sewing in hair extensions, let’s talk about traction alopecia. The friction between the tracks sewn into your braided hair and your scalp can lead to baldness.

Traction alopecia doesn’t affect everyone the same. Some people will get away with wearing sew-in weaves for months before noticing any amount of hair loss.

Others can experience baldness after one month. It’s important to get sew-ins from a professional hair weave expert to minimize the possibility of traction alopecia.

If you have fine hair, consider a half wig instead of permanent sewing in hair extensions. You’ll get the same look without compromising the health of your scalp. 

6. Clean Your Scalp

Shiny beautiful hair can’t happen without a clean scalp. When you shampoo your hair, take a few minutes to treat your scalp with a massager or clarifying treatment.

Your scalp endures so much pulling and tugging throughout the week that it could use stress relief now and then. Your massaging helps stimulate each hair follicle by improving blood flow throughout your scalp. 

The clarifying treatment helps ensure there isn’t buildup in your pores blocking the possibility of your hair getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

7. Daily Shampooing

Stop shampooing your hair every day. You can get a well-groomed look without taking your hair through the literal ringer every day.

The constant need to blow dry style and repeat puts unnecessary stress on the hair. If you’re trying to rid your hair of product, consider only using harsh products like an extra firm gel on shampoo days. 

It’s worth the sacrifice if it means maintaining well-moisturized hair. Too much shampooing exposes your hair to chemicals present in every large brand shampoo.

Unless you’re making your own blend, these chemicals can’t really be avoided. They lead to long term damage in the hair when overused. 

how to take care of your hair

8. Using Hairspray

There aren’t many modern styles that absolutely require hairspray. This means that you can cut hairspray cold turkey without risking your everyday style.

Hairspray is notorious for drying out your tresses even when it’s available in a ‘flexible’ formula. This happens because hairspray is filled with alcohol and chemicals.

Show your creativity by finding another all-natural way to lock down your favorite hairstyle. 

9. 100 Brushes

There’s an age-old European myth that brushing hair 100 times each day leads to healthy, lustrous hair. But unless you’re a Barbie doll, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Aim for three to four brushes to detangle the hair, then style as desired. The additional brushing won’t lead to world peace or more beautiful locks. 

how to safely curl your hair

10. Ignoring Your Hair

One of the top hair care mistakes to avoid is ignoring your hair under the guise of ‘protective styling.’ Yes, over-styling, overhandling, and overheating your hair is bad.

But popping on a baseball cap or scarf to ‘protect’ your hair from real life won’t help either. Negligence can lead to dry, shedding hair. 

Take the time to find out your hair’s needs and work to meet those needs at least a few times each week. 

Avoiding Hair Care Mistakes

One of the easiest ways to avoid hair care mistakes is to keep your styling routine simple. Hairstyle trends are fun temporarily but the wrong style can easily leave you hairless and out of luck.

Is it worth sacrificing your tresses for the latest hair trend? Probably not.

Take a conservative approach to your mane to keep your hair beautiful for years to come. For more information and tips, check our blog for updates.