3 Common Relationship Problems (And the Effective Solutions)

Posted February 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

No relationship is perfect. The most loving couples in the world will have their ups and downs. When things get tough, you will have two options: end the relationship or work harder to resolve the problem.

While you might be content in your relationship at the moment, you could experience a few hurdles throughout the years. There could also be signs of trouble ahead, which you might want to prevent spiralling out of control.

If so, check out the following three common relationship problems and effective solutions for them:

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Poor Communication

Most relationship issues are due to poor communication. If you often argue with your partner about the smallest of issues, it is a sign that you need to work on articulating your emotions and problems.

The solution: There are different ways you can improve your communication skills in your relationship. For example, you could schedule a time to put away your devices and focus 100% of your time on each other. It will provide an opportunity to catch-up, make plans, and laugh together.

Also, you may need to work on your body language. For example, avoid staring at the TV or swiping through your phone when your partner strikes up a conversation. Look them in the eye to ensure you give them your undivided attention.

Sexual Issues

Sex helps couples to develop a stronger emotional bond. However, if physical intimacy is rare or your partner has seemingly lost their libido, you could feel unattractive and/or disconnected from your other half. 

The solution: If you and your partner have stopped having sex, or it happens rarely, you must discuss the issue with them. There are various reasons why your sex life might have come to a halt. For example, your partner might believe you will reject their advances, so you might need to try a little harder to prove that you find them attractive.

However, your spouse might be struggling with a decreased libido, which could stem from a medical issue. For example, many women experiencing menopause can lose their sex drive, which they can improve by taking natural supplements or medication. However, men often experience a decreased libido due to a testosterone deficiency, which they can resolve with testosterone replacement therapy.

Trust Issues

Trust is essential for a healthy relationship. If a person cannot trust their other half, the relationship is destined to fail. Lack of trust may actually be nothing to do with the current relationship. The issue might stem from a past relationship experience or because one of your parents had an affair.

The solution: Judging your other half for an ex’s actions is self-destructive. While an ex-partner might have cheated, your other half might be 100% loyal to you throughout your relationship. If your trust issues stem from a past experience or a broken home, you could benefit from talking to a therapist to work through your insecurities.

However, if you cannot trust your partner because they have cheated in the past, you must either forgive them for their mistake or end the relationship. If you cannot trust your partner when you are not by their side, the relationship will never work.

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