3 Things You Should Do Right Before You Head Into A Job Interview

Posted June 17, 2019 by in Career

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking for anyone, even if you feel like you’re well prepared for the situation. But for many people, the more anxious you feel leading up to your interview, the more you psych yourself out of doing a good job. Because of this, what you do with the last few minutes leading up to a job interview is crucial.

To help ensure you use this time wisely, here are three things you should do right before you head into a job interview:

3 Things You Should Do Right Before You Head Into A Job Interview // brokeandchic.com

Make Sure You’re On Time

One of the biggest reasons people feel stressed about a job interview has to do with timing. If you’ve never been to the place your interview is being held, you might not know how long it takes you to get there. This uncertainty can cause you to miscalculate your travel time, which could get you there very early or very late.

While getting their early is preferred, Jacquelyn Smith, a contributor to WeForum.org, shares that you shouldn’t head inside to your interview too early. This can make it seem like you don’t value the time of the people interviewing you as they now have to stop what they were doing to meet with you early. So once you safely get to your destination without stress or causing a car accident, just wait outside for a few minutes until it’s the scheduled time for your interview.

Look Over Your Cheat Sheet

As you prepare for your interview, it’s good to create a document of facts, information, and questions that might come up and be useful in your interview. While you should have familiarized yourself with this document in the days or hours leading up to your interview, Alysa Kalish, a contributor to the Muse, recommends that you spend the last few minutes before your interview looking over this cheat sheet once more.

While you shouldn’t spend this time trying to learn anything new or come up with something different than you’ve already prepared, just glancing over this sheet can help you remember things like important names to recall in the meeting.

Trust The Power Of Positive Thinking

Once you’re sitting outside your interview, just waiting to be called on, all your preparation should be complete. At this point, the only thing you can really do is think positively about the conversation you’re about to have.

According to Rachel Premack, a contributor to Business Insider, thinking happy, positive thoughts right before you go into your interview can help put you in a better state of mind and encourage you to feel good even during this potentially stressful time.

If you’ve got a job interview coming up, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you be ready when the time comes.