4 Easy Ways to Help Make Someone’s Day from a Distance

Posted September 1, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Being apart from a loved one or close friend for an extended period of time can be difficult. This is true for those who have more of an extroverted spirit and struggle when they are forced to remain separated from friends for days or even weeks on end. If you have a friend or relative who is like this, you might be on the lookout for some simple ways to connect with them and show them that you care.

The good news is that making someone’s day can be done even with a small yet heartfelt gesture. You might be a few weeks off from being able actually to go and see this person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make their day with one of these easy acts of kindness:

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1. Send Something Sweet

Many people reserve decadent treats for special occasions or holidays. It’s not every day that you treat someone to a gourmet box of chocolates. If you are looking for a way to show someone that you are thinking of them during the time that you are physically apart, you will surely make their day with a box of Dallmann Confections chocolate.

Simply go online and order a box that you know will suit their taste. It will surely make their day to receive such a thoughtful gift.

2. Arrange a Video Chat

Some people are feeling the negative effects of being separated from friends and family more strongly than others; sometimes the simplest to bring a smile to their face is to arrange a video chat simply.

Take out an hour or two of your day during which you can call them and see them via video chat. This is a great time to check in with them to see how they are coping and offer any support that you can. 

3. Have a Movie Night

Are you and your friend missing your movie nights together that you used to enjoy regularly? If so, you can propose a variation on movie night. Pick a film and a day when you could watch it at the same time. Prepare the same snacks and drinks and make sure to have your phones handy for texting comments throughout.

While it won’t be the same as watching together in the same place, it will still be a fun pastime that you can share that will make their day.

4. Spa Night in a Box

Perhaps what your friend needs is a bit of pampering. If heading to the spa is off the table, you can send the spa to them. Either assemble a care package filled with their favorite products or find one online that you can order and have delivered right to their door.

If you do assemble one yourself, why not include a mini bottle of prosecco as well? Being able to relax and unwind from the stress of being separated from loved ones will make their day.

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How do you let your friend’s and family know you’re thinking about them from a distance? Let us know in the comments below!