4 Reasons Why People Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted February 10, 2020 by in Lifestyle
Man about to propose

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend is an old saying, however, they aren’t just for “girls” any longer. Many women, as well as men,  enjoy a diamond ring, especially an engagement ring. 

The main reason people enjoy diamonds in their jewelry is for the fact that they are versatile and go with everything. Since a diamond has no real color, only sparkle, you can pair a diamond ring, diamond necklace, or diamond bracelet purchased from sources like thediamondbox.co.uk with any outfit.

Although the style and cut may be modern, traditional engagement rings, mostly contain one or more diamonds. Over 400 years ago, the first documented proposal and engagement with a diamond ring was done by Archduke Maximilian of Austria. He asked Mary of Burgundy to marry him with a gorgeous and an enormous diamond ring.  

If an engagement is in your near future, here are 4 reasons why people choose diamond engagement rings:

diamond engagement ring

  1. Diamonds Last (mostly) Forever

 Unless you know the actual science and how to create enough energy to change a diamond into graphite, your diamond will last nearly forever. This is the major reason people who are getting married choose a diamond engagement ring. They want something that represents long-lasting love and to last the test of time.

The only thing you need to do to take care of your diamond ring is to clean it on a regular basis to ensure it’s always sparkling and never dull. Thankfully it’s very easy to clean diamond rings—here’s an easy tutorial on how to care for and clean diamond rings from Kalfin Jewellery.

  1. Symbolism

 A diamond engagement ring symbolizes many different things to different people and different cultures. For example, a diamond engagement ring generally represents love, strength, abundance, faithfulness, courage, power, love, harmony and purity. At one time, a diamond was thought to fill the negative space within a person with love.

Some cultures believe that diamonds will ward off evil spirits, especially if worn by men. Of course, there is no fact-based research behind this belief, but if wearing a diamond ring makes an individual feel better about their life, then so be it. 

  1. Security

 A diamond engagement ring can represent security to the one who is receiving it. When a person goes out and spends a significant amount on a diamond ring to ask another person to marry them, it is thought to be a gesture of more than love.

An engagement ring that features a diamond can be a significant investment for the nearly wed pair. Diamonds typically do not depreciate. And depending on the carats, weight, and setting, they can increase in value but are mostly purchased for sentimental value. That is to be handed down from generation to generation. 

  1. Variety

Because diamonds can be cut and shaped into a variety of pieces, they make the perfect complement to an engagement ring. After all, no woman wants the same ring as her best friend or sister.

Diamonds are also great to accent different types of metals, including gold, yellow gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals. Since they are basically colorless, with only a sparkle, they can take on a muted color of what the person is wearing and/or the metal it is surrounded by.

When considering a diamond engagement ring, both partners should be involved. Besides the choice of style, setting and cut, there is the cost to consider. Whoever will be wearing the ring should also have a say in what it looks and feels like.

Do you want a diamond engagement ring? Or would you prefer another precious gem such as a sapphire?