4 Refreshing Drinks You Can Make at Home

Posted November 15, 2022 by in Lifestyle

When you taste a drink that really hits the spot you instantly want to know what the recipe is so that you can try and replicate that taste sensation at home whenever you fancy a refreshing drink.

A great example of a brilliant ingredient that really adds something special to a drink would be when you add tigers blood flavor to your blender. It’s actually a combination of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut, and the bright red color is where it gets its name. So what else can you add to your recipe to make some awesome and refreshing drinks?

This will give lemonade a run for its money

Lemonade is the classic go-to refreshing drink. However, you can really mix things up by making an alternative beverage that is every bit as zinging.

Try making a strawberry limeade for a new taste sensation.

A mix of lime juice, strawberries, mint leaves, sugar, and water, combine to make this a sweet and tart drink that will soon become a favorite. Look for a recipe or experiment to make your own version.

Tigers Blood

The name creates an instant talking point. As already mentioned, it is a flavor base that can help you make some great drinks that have the sort of look and flavor that appeals to all ages.

A good example of how to use tigers blood would be to buy a ready-made tigers blood syrup and add them to a soda if you are making a drink for your kids. Alternatively, you can make the perfect adult beverage by pouring the mixture over ice and mixing it with your favorite brand of rum.

This sorbet will float your boat

If you think of floats, root beer will probably come to mind. How about thinking outside the box and trying a summer melon sorbet float instead?

The melon balls make great ice cubes and you can mix things up with a combination of fruity sorbets depending on what you like. A great combination would be a couple of scoops of lemon and raspberry sorbet.

Add some seltzer water and fresh mint for a drink that really hits the spot.

Only homemade soda will do

When you make your own soda it beats any store bought version hands down. One suggestion would be to make a raspberry vanilla soda, with the help of some seltzer water and sugar to liven things up.

The combination of raspberries and lemon juice, with a little bit of vanilla extract, all combine to make the sort of homemade soda that will soon become a firm family favorite.

All of these recipe ideas can be adapted to your own taste and fruit preferences. Whatever combinations you decide to experiment with, it is going to be a taste adventure that will awaken your senses every time you take a sip of something that is so refreshing.

What are you waiting for? Try making one of these amazingly refreshing drinks today and you will soon have everyone asking for the recipe.

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