4 Self-Care Practices for Autumn

Posted October 6, 2022 by in Lifestyle
woman reading and drinking coffee next to fall leaves

As the summer comes to a close and the days start to get shorter, you might start to find yourself feeling less… positive. A combination of a lack of sunlight, colder weather, and less time spent outdoors can make you feel less than your best self. So, if you notice this in yourself and you want to feel better, then consider picking up one (or all!) of these self-care practices that are aimed at making you feel better this fall:

Fall autumn view of woman in white sweater covering head with umbrella surrounded by beautiful autumn foliage

1. Keep moving 

It can be easy to become much more sedentary in the colder months, as you spend less time outside and more time on the sofa. This is a quick-fire way of making yourself feel worse – you’ll feel more sluggish and your energy levels will dip. So, to make yourself feel better, focus on adding daily movement in. This could be as simple as a walk in the mornings, a lunchtime yoga practice, or an evening class on the peloton. Whatever it is – keep moving. 

2. Take some supplements 

It might sound remarkable that supplementing can be self-care, but when you realize how negative the impact that low levels of vitamin D can have on your body, then you’ll realize how revolutionary it is. Incorporate a daily vitamin D supplement into your day to provide yourself with the right tools to have a healthy and energetic winter. It can help to incorporate this into your morning routine, to ensure that you remember to take it. 

3. Focus on positive relaxation techniques 

In the autumn and winter months, stressors – like bad weather, expensive heating bills, and financial pressures created by the holidays – can build up. Practice self-care by really focusing on techniques and acts that make you feel happier and calmer. For some, this could be a long soak in the bath, whereas, for others, it could be ingesting HighProfileCannabis to help with anxiety and relaxation. Whatever your method, make sure to keep it up to help you wind down after busy days. It could also be helpful to incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices to help you deepen your relaxation and to improve your general mental well-being. 

4. Practice daily gratitude 

This is now a well-known practice in which people write down (often three) things that they’re grateful for. This process is meant to encourage positivity and help to even rewire the brain to feel better all around. The things you’re grateful for don’t need to be big – they can be as small as the smell of your coffee while you write. It’s an incredibly simple, easy act of self-care that can make a hugely positive difference. So, consider adding this to your daily routine. If you’re struggling to remember, maybe pick up a beautiful new diary to encourage you to write in it, and set a recurring diary reminder. 

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Now that you’ve read all the tips, hopefully, you’ve found some ones that you’ll want to pick up this autumn. And remember: the best way to feel better is to find a practice that you can stick to, so consistency is key! 

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