4 Things You Should Know Before Self-Tanning

Posted June 28, 2023 by in Beauty

Self-tanning provides a convenient way to achieve a golden complexion without having to soak up harmful UV rays. Save yourself from spending hours under the scorching sun and take advantage of the benefits of self-tanning. Using the right products that your skin deserves and having a little know-how can give you a golden complexion without sunburns.

Bondi Sands has created the best essentials for anyone who loves being constantly on the beach and under the sun. But before diving into bronzing lotions and sprays, you should know a few things. From exfoliating your skin to choosing the right product, flawless application, and more, this article got you covered.

1. Prepping Your Skin By Exfoliating

Before applying any self-tanning products, it’s best to prep your skin first by exfoliating. Keep in mind that self-tanner seeps into dry skin. And this can lead to unnatural-looking dark patches on your skin. Exfoliate your skin by thoroughly scrubbing away dead skin cells along your skin, especially rough spots. Focus your scrubbing around your neck, elbows, knees, ankles, and heels to scrub away flakes.

Prepping your skin also involves shaving the parts of your skin that you plan to apply self-tanner products. Hair removal after self-tanning can affect the products you’ve applied to your skin. Ideally, hair removal should be done 24 hours before self-tanning to ensure your skin is relaxed and has no open cuts.

2. Choosing The Right Product

There are many skin products to choose from; it’s important to prioritize the product that complements your skin tone. Self-tanning is about accentuating your natural complexion without drastic changes, so focus on the products that work for your skin. You may choose the lighter shade if you’re doubting a couple of shades for your skin tone.

Many types of products people use to achieve that glowing skin vary based on their needs and skin type. The self-tanning mousse is ideal for quick color touch-ups and dries quickly on your skin without leaving streaks. Most inexperienced self-tanners opt for a self-tanning everyday lotion to easily balance and enhance their skin tone.

3. The Right Way of Applying Self-Tanner

Applying self-tanning products evenly is important to achieve that sun-kissed glow. When self-tanning, you should prioritize applying self-tanner on your face. Using your bare hands, gently apply self-tanner around your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Remember to wash your hands right away after applying self-tanner to avoid staining.

Self-tanning the rest of your body should be done using an application mitt to prevent your hands from uneven staining. Other than the application mitts, a pair of later gloves can serve as additional protection. You can gently apply self-tanners by sweeping motions across your skin to ensure the self-tanner is applied evenly.

4. Frequency Of Using Self-Tanner

The efficiency of self-tanning products depends on several factors. These include how you prepped your skin, your solution, and your application process. A high-quality self-tanner may last up to a week and eventually fade.

Applying self-tanner daily can help you achieve a deeper shade without exfoliating frequently. But occasional exfoliating and moisturizing of your skin before self-tanning is still essential to keep your skin fresh.

Embark On Your Self-Tanning Journey

From subtle sun-kissed glow to deep tropical tan, self-tanning has never been easier now that there are products you can use. Gone are the days you take on the risks of skin diseases by over-exposure to the sun. These four things you should know before self-tanning can help you achieve and enjoy your radiant, flawless, and natural-looking skin.