4 Ways to Get a Doctor’s Appointment Quickly

Posted November 3, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

While there are many at-home well-being remedies you can try, sometimes, you have no choice but to go to the doctor or dentist to get to the bottom of your health issues. However, many offices are severely backed up, as people have been waiting for months to be seen for a wide range of issues. So, what can you do if you feel you need urgent attention but can’t get through? Here are four ways to get an appointment quickly. 

woman getting her blood pressure at doctors office

Use Walk-In Clinics 

Walk-in clinics can often help you get seen the day of if you are unable to get a speedy appointment with your local family doctor. While a proper appointment with your usual doctor is better, it is not always possible, and local clinics can be the next best option. 

You may still need to wait a while, but you can expect to be seen at the very least, especially if you get there early enough in the day and the physician can give you a general idea of the problem before you can see your doctor. 

Try Online Services 

Telemedicine is another useful approach for anyone unable to get a quick appointment at their usual doctor’s appointment. This also makes it easier for anyone with mobility or other issues that can make it challenging to get to the office by themselves. 

Again, these services may not give you all the answers you want or need, but they can provide expert advice, and consultation is usually free, so you don’t need to worry about spending more money. If they can see what is wrong, they may be able to recommend over-the-counter treatment or direct you to another service. 

Visit the Emergency Room 

If you wake up in immense pain, your only option may be to go to the emergency room. This applies to accidents and injuries as much as Dental Care, so do not be afraid to visit your local hospital or dental center to get seen as quickly as possible. 

In an ideal world, the professional who sees you should be able to solve the problem there, but if not, they may need to book you in for surgery or other treatment options, depending on what you need. 

Be Clear About Your Issues 

Doctors and other medical professionals cannot provide urgent treatment if you are not clear about what you are going through. Clearly describing pain levels and other problems will make it easier for physicians to diagnose you and point you toward the best course of action. 

This is just as important for broken bones or infections as personal issues. Doctors have heard and seen it all before, so don’t be embarrassed about your problems. They have undoubtedly seen worse. 


Although many health issues aren’t urgent, sometimes you just need peace of mind or some medication to prevent further problems. If you’ve struggled to get an appointment with a medical professional recently, these tips can help you increase your chances to find out what’s wrong and how you can treat it.