5 Best eCommerce Ideas to Start Right Away

Posted October 3, 2020 by in Career
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Having an online business gives a sense of freedom and favors you to work from anywhere in the world. Each month you may be living in a different country without losing your job or business – because an eCommerce business can be run from anywhere. For many young entrepreneurs, this idea is a real dream.

But even though a lot of people dream about it, only a small percentage of those dreamers truly pursue their passion of creating an online business. There are always obstacles – some won’t start a business because they are still studying and want to get their diploma first, some struggle to leave their full-time office job and are secretly terrified of change and loss of stability in life.

But the real reason for everyone is usually the fact that these ambitious, clever people do not know where to start. So we recommend beginning with an idea – if you truly like the idea, it will motivate you and guide you through the way of creating your online business.

So to help you get inspired, today, we will share the best eCommerce ideas you can start right away:

Idea #1: Make Custom T-shirts

If you want to start a business right away and all you need is an idea – then the best one for you is to use a print on demand service and make custom t-shirts on Printify so that you can sell them on your online store. One of the biggest troubles with starting an eCommerce business and selling products is the storage space. 

And thankfully, if you use a print on demand platform, you won’t have to worry about that. Whatever your customers will order from your online store will be produced, stored, packed, and delivered by the service. More to it – you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money; therefore, you can start today. To get you started, you can also check out the custom merchandise maker option from Printbest.

Idea #2: Become an SEO Consultant 

As the market of eCommerce is growing each year and this year it has reached its peak because of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more new online stores are launched every day. Unfortunately, it highly increases the levels of competition. But on the other hand, if you know Google Ads and SEO pretty well, it can be a huge advantage for you.

All of these new businesses will want to succeed – it is the main purpose of any commercial company – to generate revenue. And if they want to do that, they will have to be visible, which is impossible without a proper SEO consultant and all of the competitors that are building their strategies as well.

Idea #3: Become a Social Media Consultant

Even though Google and SEO are the most crucial factors every online business needs to work on to be noticed, unfortunately, it is not enough. Knowing how much time people spend scrolling social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, plus the fact that people search for needed information on social media too, it would be very unsmart to not work with social media.

But it is not enough to only have accounts and business pages created – a business needs a proper strategy and content. So if you use social media often and know the ins and out of it, you can help people manage their business pages, create strategies, monitor results, and help create engaging content.

Idea #4: Become a Web Designer 

If you are a digital professional with great skills and experience, that is completely enough to build an online business around that. You could either be working just for yourself and finding projects, or you could build it up into an entire agency someday. To find your customers, first of all, you will need to build a portfolio.

The best way to do so is by creating a website that would reflect your talent and creativity as a web designer. The next step you should take is registering for freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr – here, you will find your first projects to work on, and if you do well, the customer might even offer you to work with them long-term.

Idea #5: Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are still a student or just don’t have any real job experience yet, a virtual assistant’s job might be perfect for you, especially if you have unquestionable organizational skills and are very attentive. Mostly, virtual assistants are doing work like data entry and similar administrative tasks, which can bring you a great experience.

Later on, you can either build a company of virtual assistants or gain enough experience to take even more complex remote digital jobs.