5 Career Opportunities for Making a Real Difference

Posted October 30, 2023 by in Career

If you thrive on making a real difference in other people’s lives, there are plenty of career opportunities for you to follow. From teaching to working within a nonprofit organization, we’ve gathered five suitable choices below. 


Children and adults will always need education, and teachers are there to facilitate individual learning journeys. There are many different types of teachers including preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, and special educational needs. Regardless of which type of teacher you’d like to become; you’ll need to complete a course like one on https://online.merrimack.edu/online-teacher-education-programs/

Social Worker

Social workers are committed to helping people facing economic, social, addiction, or health challenges in their lives. They work alongside families, individuals, and communities to provide resources and support. 

If you work in a role where you’ll help change lives for the better, you need to learn about human behavior and social systems. As well as this, you’ll be an excellent problem solver and communicator. The best way to gain access to the world of social work is by completing a degree and obtaining a license (required in certain states).  

Environmental Scientist

The environment is in a fragile state and it needs protecting from further damage. Environmental scientists play a large part in this by researching issues ranging from climate change to pollution, and then they help develop plans to make the world a better place. 

A solid understanding of earth science, chemistry, and biology is essential for becoming an environmental scientist. You will also need excellent research and data analytic skills. In terms of education, a relevant degree will be enough for some roles, but others may call for a PhD. 


Nursing is an obvious choice for having a positive impact on people’s lives because you’ll be providing care to patients of all ages with a range of different health conditions. You will be determining patients’ needs, forming health plans, administering treatments, monitoring patients, educating patients and families, and providing essential emotional support. 

You will need to have a thorough understanding of anatomy and human biology, as well as protocols and procedures followed by healthcare professionals. Education to become a nurse involves working toward becoming a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, which means attending university or completing a certification program. 

Nonprofit Employee

Nonprofit employees work for organizations that are dedicated to various social causes, ranging from poverty to conservation. There are many different roles including fundraising, developing programs, and advocacy. To be successful as a nonprofit employee, be 100% committed to the cause and be passionate about making a difference. 

You can elevate your chances of becoming employed by a nonprofit organization if you’re willing to attend university and graduate with a degree in public policy, social work, or another relevant subject area. 

The career paths outlined above only offer a short snapshot of opportunities for delivering real change. If you’re passionate about helping other people, decide which area you’re interested in the most and get to work improving your resume

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