5 Networking Apps To Boost Your Career

Posted May 6, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, there’s no sense in waiting around. The first thing to do is to establish your goals. You might write up your goals in a career journal, or discuss them with a careers coach.

Networking is a great way to boost your career. You’ll make valuable connections, which could lead to fantastic opportunities. To get you started on your networking journey, let’s consider some of the best networking apps:

1 . Common Connect

Common Connect is an app that connects professionals, based on their careers and their interests. With the help of this app, you can contact individuals in any profession or field. First, you can set your preferences to a job title or industry, next you can set the location. Once you’ve input your preferences, simply start browsing to meet like-minded contacts.

With the help of Common Connect, it’s simple to broaden your network. The app allows you to add followers from your social media accounts. Taking charge of your career is all about making the right connections.

2. Summit Sync

SummitSync is an app that improves networking opportunities, at meetings and events. When you attend an event, you can log in using your LinkedIn profile, and then find the profiles of other attendees. The app helps you to schedule meetings at the events you attend. App users can swipe right or left, to find the business connections they seek. The app integrates with calendar and email tools and offers private messaging. To make the most of your next business event, you need SummitSync.

3. LunchClub

LunchClub is an app where you can match with like-minded professionals. First, you tell the app about your career, your goals, and your interests. You’ll need to provide data about the types of connections you’re looking to match. From here, the app will match you with suitable people. After selecting availability, you can meet your matches virtually, over a one-one video call. It’s simple to use, and you might just meet some influential people. To boost your career, LunchClub is the perfect app.

4. LinkedIn

As you may already know, LinkedIn is just about the best place to network. Once you’ve created a winning profile, you’re free to add business connections and reach out by message. Improving your LinkedIn profile will support you with your job search.

To really benefit from using LinkedIn, make sure that you create a detailed profile, that’s rich with keywords and endorsements. The more time you spend improving the profile, the more appealing you’ll be to recruiters.

If you’re looking to advance in your career, you might benefit from taking a training course. Depending on your goals, there will be plenty of different options. You might need to enroll in a bookkeeping certification program or complete an online degree? Whatever steps you need to take, ensure that you conduct plenty of research. Performing adequate research is essential to find the right course for you.

*Photos by Liza Summer