5 Things to Do and 4 Things to Avoid if You Want to Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Posted November 9, 2020 by in Beauty

If you want to feel good about your complexion when you look in the mirror there are a number of positive things you can do to help maintain that healthy glow and some habits to avoid.

One potential solution would be to seek out a highly recommended botox center for an instant fix that could take years off your looks, and here are some other tips and points to consider.

Keep Stress Under Control

If you want to keep your skin health in peak condition you would be well advised to avoid getting stressed.

Stress triggers a variety of adverse reactions including an increase in the production of hormones that is likely to make your skin oily.

Don’t Smoke

It should go without saying that smoking is bad for you in a whole number of ways but it is a big contributor to accelerating the skin aging process and inducing wrinkles.

Limit Your Exposure to the Sun

Enjoying some time relaxing in the sun is a bit of a conundrum because it can be good for your emotional wellbeing and you need a good dose of vitamin D too.

However, too much exposure has an adverse impact and can cause wrinkles as well as the appearance of age spots.

Use a good sunscreen that is applied regularly and limit your time in the sun.

Watch What You Eat

They say that you are what you eat and your skin will also be a reflection of how healthy your diet is.

A good diet and staying properly hydrated are vital to the condition of your skin.

Make Sure you Clean and Moisturize Regularly

Washing your skin regularly will help avoid breakouts and frequent use of moisturizers will keep moisture levels up.

Plenty of Rest

A great way to improve your health profile, in general, and look after your skin is to get plenty of sleep.

Your body needs time to rest and repair each night which is why a minimum of 6 hours of sleep is needed every night.

Treat Yourself to a Facial

A bit of pampering never does us any harm and if you book yourself in for a facial you will be doing your skin a big favor at the same time.

A facial helps to hydrate your skin and clean your pores.

Keep Makeup to a Minimum

Although you might like to wear makeup it does have the effect of reducing the amount of oxygen your skin gets, which is not good news for the long-term health of your skin.

Try to keep makeup to a minimum and always properly remove it before you go to bed.

Keeping Fit Helps Your Skin

Another no-brainer tip would be to get some regular exercise into your weekly routine.

Improving your fitness levels keep you healthy and that includes your skin.

Exercising increases blood circulation and this promotes oxygen and nutrients to inhabit your skin cells, making it look and feel better in the process.

Follow these do’s and don’ts if you want to give your skin a great opportunity to look its best every time you look in the mirror.