5 Unique Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

Posted August 21, 2019 by in Lifestyle

With almost 4 million babies born in the US each year, there are a lot of baby showers going on. So how do you make your shower stand out? 

One way is to have your guests participate in some unique baby shower games. The key to hosting a successful baby shower is to know your audience. Choose games that you know your guests will love to participate in:

baby shower games

  1. Diaper Messages 

Games aren’t for everyone, so we are going to start our list with an activity that is both fun and sweet. It is the perfect activity for those guests who aren’t into playing silly games. 

Set out a box of diapers and a jar of markets. Then let guests write messages to the new parents on the diapers. That way, the new parents get a fun surprise on those late-night diaper changes. 

Messages could be funny, encouraging, or motivational. Whatever guests want to write. 

  1. Guess the Baby 

If your group is a close-knit one, this game is perfect for learning more about each other. Include a note with your Adobe Spark’s baby shower invitations asking your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves to the party. 

Then let guests try to guess who each picture belongs to. 

  1. Tinkle in the Potty 

If your circle of friends is the type to get up and participate, then this game is perfect. If will have everyone laughing so hard their sides hurt. 

Participants first stuff a balloon under their shirt. Then they place a ping pong ball between their knees. 

Now they need to waddle over to a pot or jar and attempt to drop the ping pong ball into it. 

  1. Who’s Watching Baby? 

If your baby shower is going to be large, then this is a great game to play while people move about and socialize. As guests arrive, they should pick up a small baby figurine. 

Guests can hold their baby or place it on their person. They just can’t leave it somewhere or set it down. 

If they do, then someone else can swoop in and steal their baby. The person with the most babies at the end of the party wins a prize. 

  1. Celebrity Baby Name Game 

Can your crew not get enough of celebrity drama and news? Then you have the perfect players for the celebrity baby name game. 

Create a list of celebrity baby names and a second list of the parents. Then guests must try and match the babies to their parents.

When it comes to planning your baby shower, choosing successful games is all about knowing your audience. These unique baby shower games are sure to entertain your guests. 

You could even do more than one. Just imagine someone trying to carry their baby figurine while also trying to drop a ping pong ball in a jar. 

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