5 Ways to Find the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Posted December 10, 2022 by in Career

Since we spend one-third of our lives working, it makes sense to find a work-life balance that supports our wellbeing and life quality. Finding a better work-life balance can mean switching careers, but it can also mean finding more time in your day for activities that nourish you more.  

Don’t try to be a perfectionist 

Some people are high achievers from an early age, and they are prone to perfectionism. As a child and a young adult, someone might have the time and inclination to perfect their work and activities, but as an adult, the demands on their time and resources are greater than they were.

As an adult, this person will still have the tendency toward perfectionism, but since this is not possible thanks due to the demands on their time, it can create some frustration. Learning to let go of perfectionism in favor of pragmatism is a better attitude to find a healthy work-life balance.

Find a career that’s suited to you 

According to some estimates, the average person will spend around one-third of their life at work, so it makes sense to find a career that’s best suited to your personality and interests. Most people gravitate towards a career of this kind, but you might want to change your career as well. 

Start with a personality test and talk to a career advisor or a therapist; journaling is also an effective way to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have carried out the foundational work, change careers and find out how to become a life insurance agent today.

Learn to unplug from your work 

Technology has made our lives easier in a myriad of ways, but one downside is the expectation that we are always connected to our systems and devices and we are always available to receive and respond to work notifications. Of course, this is not the case; we must switch it off. 

If we want to find a healthy work-life balance, we need to practice digital downtime; this means turning off the notifications on our phones or the phone altogether. Understand the meaning of quality time, and you can improve your life quality right away by turning off your work at times.  

Find quality time for yourself 

If you want the best work-life balance, you need to make some quality me for yourself as well as other people in your life. Exercise and meditation are two practices that can improve your life quality significantly, so make sure you are making enough time for these important activities. 

The good news is that you don’t have to find lots of time to benefit from exercise and meditation. Even ten minutes of meditation twice a day is worth the effort, and micro-workout strategies are available for those with too much work and too little time. So make time in the day for yourself. 

Reduce any time-wasting activities 

With the advent of the internet, procrastination accelerated; how much time do you spend each day aimlessly scrolling through social media newsfeeds? Similarly, some people can be draining, and you need to manage your interactions with them. Reduce these and make time.