5 Ways To Keep The Air in Your Home Cleaner

Posted April 27, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Your home represents a safe space for yourself and your family members.  You keep it clean and treat against unwanted pests to help maintain a safe environment for the whole household.  

However, many homeowners overlook air quality.  The air you breathe inside of your home can harbor hidden dangers that can lead to a long list of health problems over time.    

Maintaining a clean air environment inside of your home can allay a lot of worry throughout the years and help support the health of everyone living in the space. 

Below is a brief explanation of a few ways you can take action to keep the air inside of your home safe and clean:

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

When you have a central air conditioning setup inside of your home, the air runs through a system of air ducts.  Keeping those dusts as clean as possible will help to preserve the air quality inside of your home.  

You won’t have to have this service done often, but the difference in air quality will be something your whole family will appreciate.  

Add Live Plants to Your Home

Plants are excellent air cleaners, and there are more than a few benefits you can reap from having live plants in your home.  Plants naturally take in carbon dioxide and turn it into fresh oxygen before releasing it into the surrounding environment.  

The best plant to place in your home for the purpose of cleaner air is a Boston Fern.  Ferns are some of the best air cleaners, and they add a nice aesthetic to any room.  

Purchase a HEPA Air Purifier

Purchasing a HEPA standard air purifier for your home can provide an added assurance that you and your family are breathing air that is safe.  

You won’t have to spend much on purchasing a quality machine.  There are a lot of air purification models that also provide UV filtration of the air as it passes through the device.  

Increase Ventilation in Your Home

Increasing the ventilation in your space will help move the stale air around, keeping the air supply in your home fresh at all times.  Opening the windows isn’t the best solution.  

You could open a few windows, but the air outside isn’t typically clean enough to add any value to your situation.  There are, however, special screens you can buy for your windows that will filter the air as it enters your house.  

Guard Against Mold/Mildew From Water Damage

Mold and mildew in your home can pollute the air you and your family are breathing.  Don’t let water damage go unnoticed or untreated.  Consider investing in a water monitoring system for your home, so leaks never go without service.  

*Photos by Rachel Claire