6 Home Window Installation Errors and How to Avoid Them

Posted June 20, 2023 by in Home

Upgrading the windows at your home can be a great way to increase the value of your house. This improves energy efficiency and even brings down your energy bills.

Yet, windows are not a one-size-fits-all kind of product. As such, you must select the right windows. Errors made at either end (selecting the wrong windows and installing the right ones) can leave you with a subpar product and result in a subpar home.

Thus, avoiding window installation errors is crucial. Using this simple guide, you will learn about the six most common home window installation errors and how you can avoid them.

1. Incorrect Flashing or Focusing

Flashing is the material used around a window opening to create a weather-tight, waterproof seal. This is especially important on window installations that may be exposed to the elements.

Improperly installed flashing or focusing can cause water to get past the seal and cause damage to the wall or window structure. To avoid this, window installers should use a good quality, high-adhesion flashing material under the window and a good quality sealant around the edges of the window frame.

2. Broken Window Blinds 

Broken window blinds may be the result of a home window installation error. To avoid such a mistake, you should always make sure to properly measure the window before purchasing the blinds.

It’s also important to buy the right type of blinds for the job. A good place to start would be checking out Patriot Blinds Custom Window Treatments.

3. Cracked Glass

Aside from compromising the insulation within the home, cracked glass is unsightly and can cause injury if left unaddressed. To avoid the development of cracks in the windows, homeowners should have a licensed contractor install the windows properly and make sure they are securely fixed to both frames and walls.

4. Wide Gap

This ranges from improper measurements to the use of low-grade materials. Poor installation can lead to increased energy bills or even structural problems in extreme cases. Two of the most common installation errors with regards to wide gaps are not measuring the outside frame and not ensuring that the window locks and latches are adjusted.

5. Uneven Panels

Uneven panels result in a window that looks crooked and lopsided and is often caused when the frames aren’t lined up correctly during the installation process, or when one of the pieces is not level with the other. To avoid this, make sure that the frames are equal in width and height, and then check them using a level to make sure each one is even.

6. Warped Frames

Warped frames can be caused by some installation errors, including incorrect measurements, failure to prepare the window opening, or failure to secure the window on all four sides. To prevent warped frames, all proper window measurements should be taken and double-checked before installation. The adhesive should be spread over the window jamb and the window should be fastened every 8 to 12 inches with shims.

Follow This Guide to Avoid Home Window Installation Errors 

Home window installation errors are expected, but with the right information and tools, you can limit and avoid a majority of these issues. Following our guide will help drop costly and time-consuming repair projects.

Start by researching the proper steps, and invest in durable tools to ensure your window installation is done. Try it now and enjoy the benefits of a stress-free window installation!

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