7 Essential Products for a Glowing Look This Summer

Posted May 31, 2022 by in Beauty
Woman looking at herself in a mirror and smiling

Healthy, glowing skin is something we all aspire to have. While nobody is ever going to achieve the airbrushed look seen in magazines and even on social media, reaching your very best skin is a good goal to have.

With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to ramp up your skincare routine, invest in some great new products and start taking better care of your skin to achieve that golden, glowy look.

Here are the most important things you need to take the best possible care of yourself this summer:

High-Quality Makeup

First of all, don’t neglect to consider the quality of absolutely everything you put on your face. If you wear makeup on a regular basis, remember that your skin will always absorb some portion of what you apply to it.

Cheap, low-quality makeup products could be full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients that will clog your pores and potentially leave lasting damage on your beautiful skin. Make sure to only use the best eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, foundations and other products that are applied directly to your skin. Research which ingredients could be harmful and avoid those. 

An Oil-Based Cleanser

Your cleansing routine plays a huge role in the health and look of your skin. Cleaning off the makeup, dirt and sweat from your face each day (twice a day) is important to avoid blemishes and acne, redness and discolouration and to keep your face looking fresh.

You should always wash your face at the end of each day with an oil-based cleanser which will do a spectacular job of removing makeup and grime without drying out your skin too much. 

A Water-Based Cleanser

Once you’ve cleansed with an oil-based cleanser, go in for a second round with a water-based cleanser. This technique is known as double cleansing.

Double cleansing is a great way to ensure that your skin has been thoroughly cleaned and that you haven’t left anything behind after removing your makeup. You don’t need to double cleanse twice a day, but be sure to at least do a single wash each morning and evening. 

A Good Moisturizer

Glowing skin is skin that is thoroughly hydrated, which means you’re going to need a really good moisturising routine.

For the mornings, opt for a day cream that has a good SPF (unless you apply a separate sunscreen), absorbs well into your skin and leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

For the evenings, a thicker, more hydrating mask-like moisturiser is a good idea. The cream will have a longer period to absorb into your skin overnight, and this will hopefully have you waking up feeling supple and smooth.

An Exfoliator

Sounds like TMI, but you can’t achieve that dewy look when you have dry flakes and loose dead skin cells on your face, but this is a natural thing that we all have to deal with.

Dry flakes and dead skin cells are easily dealt with by exfoliating once or twice per week, with an exfoliating mask, cleansers with exfoliating beads, or even exfoliating brushes or wands. Those with sensitive skin should be careful with this step and only use gentle exfoliators to avoid damaging the skin or causing breakouts. 

Hydrating Face Masks

For an extra boost of hydration in the summertime, use a hydrating mask once or twice per week. These types of face masks are especially good for people who suffer from dry skin.

Be sure to choose a brand that uses clean ingredients that won’t be harmful to your skin, and make sure not to overuse your hydrating products, as you might wreak havoc on your skin’s natural oil production and throw things out of balance. Once or twice a week should be enough for those who struggle with dryness. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Finally, the skincare superstar of 2022 should get a mention. Hyaluronic acid has been the talk of every skincare and beauty guru online for the past while and we’re living for it. 

Hyaluronic acid is a scientifically backed product that plays a pivotal role in your skin health, as well as your overall health, believe it or not. Found in the form of pills, serums or in creams, this product can assist with hydration, smoothing and lifting your skin, and even easing joint pain and other common ailments. If you don’t need it for your skin, consider supplementing with hyaluronic acid for the sake of your overall health anyway. 

What are your favorite summer friendly products? Let us know in the comments below!