7 Ways to Lose Weight Before Summer Is Over

Posted August 30, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

Summer usually includes multiple pints of beer at beer gardens with friends, sweet (but delicious) cocktails on top of chic rooftops, lazy pool days, and delicious food. Worth it! However fall is just around the corner. After a full three months of amazing food and drinks in the summer sun, you may be feeling a bit sluggish and blah.

Just to be clear, you’re perfect the way  you are, but if you want to lose some weight before fall begins to get your “pre-summer” bod back, consider the tips and tricks below:

Ways to lose weight

  1. Portion Control

This might sound like a daunting experience, especially when you’re cooking the food yourself. However, if you are looking forward to losing noticeable weight, controlling the amount you take in is essential. Although it’s not the fastest way to lose weight, downsizing your plate helps your body to generate strength from within. Therefore, you will not only lose weight for summer, but portion control will help you maintain weight goals.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Whether you have a week or a month before your more rigorous fall routine starts, intermittent fasting will ensure you are at the body size you want. You can start low with fasting for a few hours and improve gradually as your body gain stamina. Additionally, when you use intermittent fasting for weight loss, even after attaining your goal, there is a plan that you can follow to maintain your dream size. This way, you will not have to encounter the same problem in the coming years.

  1. Workout

Exercising is among the quick ways to lose weight for all body shapes. When you hit the gym, the more you exercise, the higher the number of calories you burn. Working out also converts your body fat into muscle, which makes you look toned and strong. That will ensure you look amazing in your Plus Size Cocktail Dresses for those dates and parties. Building muscles makes you fit right in clothes and also improves your posture. Therefore, it will capitalize on your confidence, which you need for any fall plans.

Additionally, there is also another exercise as aerobics and Zumba dances that will help you shed some weight without being boring. If you’re suffering from arthritis and wondering how to lose weight with arthritic knees, you can opt for water aerobic classes.

Therefore, you can select appropriate training that will meet your expectations and stick to it. If you don’t enjoy the workout, you’ll never be consistent with it. 

  1. Take a Break from Alcohol

Weight loss is a journey that has to take you off your comfort zones. Therefore, if you are doing everything right, then it’s time to put your favorite drink down for a while. Going for an alcohol break will help your body fight that insulin resistance. Alcohol is similar to sugar chemically, and it may keep you from attaining your body goals if you are not willing to give it a break.

  1. Healthy Eating

Instead of eating fast food, why not start preparing your food from home. Healthy eating will not only help you cut weight but also minimize your expenses. 

  1. Increase Vegetable Intake

Yes, fries are good, and they taste heavenly compared to a plate of vegetables. However, if you fix your eyes on your body goals, pass on those fries and enjoy those vegetables.

  1. Go Slow On Carbs

Carbohydrates can spike blood sugar levels. This may trigger your pancreas to produce insulin, which in return, accumulates fat. To prevent your body from going through this, reduce your carbs intake, and switch from highly refined to unrefined ones.