7 Things That Will Help You to Write Your First Book

Posted April 29, 2019 by in Career

So, you have been thinking about writing your first book? Do you feel dedicated to the idea but find it difficult to dedicate time to writing down all the ideas that come to you? Writing your first book can be a challenging but thrilling project to work on, and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start.

Writing a book can take over your life, and by making changes in how you think and act about writing your first piece of literature, it can massively help you on your journey. It can take a few weeks to develop a habit, but once you repeat the action a few times, you will find that it becomes second nature to you. Writing a book requires dedication and persistence, so you should expect to make some significant changes to how you live your life if you want to successfully complete your writing journey. Here are seven things that will help you to write your first book:

7 Things That Will Help You to Write Your First Book

Visualize Yourself Doing it

It is important that you visualize yourself doing things if you want your brain to start to see a target or goal as realistic. Often, we consider our dreams to be unachievable and this can cause us to not feel capable. However, by using your imagination to visualize yourself sat at your computer typing down all your ideas, you are improving your chances of success.

It is important that you engage with your imagination when writing your first book, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, because you are doing something new that your brain hasn’t done before.

Think About a Target Audience

When writing about your book, you will want to have a good idea of who your future target audience is going to be. No book is going to suit everyone’s preferences when it comes to reading, so do yourself a massive favor and decide now who you are aiming your book at. You may aim to target an older generation, or those who enjoy reading sci-fi books; either way, by narrowing down your goals you will find them easier to achieve. This is a good lifestyle tip to apply to your general life and not just to writing your first book! See here for more details on how to market your book to a specific market, for example a children’s book.

Learn to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Writing a book requires you to be organized and efficient with your time. Unless you are lucky enough to be in the position where you can quit work and your other commitments while you focus on your writing, you will probably have to balance other aspects of your life alongside your writing goals. It can take a long time to finish your book, and how you spend your day will dramatically influence how much you get done.

Just like any other project that you are working on, you should schedule time each day to work on a specific task. For example, if you know that you have plans in the evening, then you may get up early and set aside a few hours after breakfast. Think carefully about how you spend your day and set time aside that can be used to focus on your writing.

7 Things That Will Help You to Write Your First Book

Start a Journal

You should consider starting a writing journal where you can keep all your thoughts, ideas, and outlines in one place. Sometimes if you try and keep all your thoughts hidden away in your head then they can be hazy and confusing. Whereas if you get them written down in front of you, even if not in a coherent order, it is easier for you to develop them into your book.

If you find that carrying around a physical journal isn’t convenient for you, then you can always start an online journal so that you can note down ideas while you are on the go.

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

It is easy to lose confidence in yourself and your writing when you try to write a book, as it is often not a straightforward and easy journey. However, it is normal to feel lost and confused on where you should go next.

But you should remember that writing a book is a process, and that your first draft is never going to be an award-winning masterpiece. There are often hundreds of versions of a book when it is being written as the ideas will develop and change as you go through the processes.

7 Things That Will Help You to Write Your First Book

Eliminate Distractions

It can be easy to be distracted in this modern age of technology and devices, so try to eliminate as many potential distractions as you can. If you find yourself reaching for your phone to check your social media every so often, then you should turn it off altogether during the time you have set aside for writing.

If you have little self-control, then you can invest in apps that make it impossible for you to access your social media for a specific period of time that you set. This can be a great way to get into the habit of not using your phone during designated writing time.

Set Word-Count Goals

The average book can be anywhere between 60,000 to 100,000 words long, which makes writing your own book a daunting task. But by setting yourself smaller and achievable word-count goals to complete over a few days or a week, you will find yourself quickly making huge steps towards getting your first draft together.

However, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t reach a word count target, as it isn’t about the quantity of your work but the overall quality that is most important.

7 Things That Will Help You to Write Your First Book

Writing your first book is by no means an easy task, so you should be prepared for setbacks and challenges that you will need to overcome. Following these hints and tips will help you stay on track and remain focused throughout the journey.