A Holiday Gift Guide for All the Harry Potter Fans Out There

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It has been 20 years since the first Harry Potter film came out and I can’t believe it. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan I was in 6th grade—and I’m now 33. I was the girl in line at Barnes & Noble at the strike of midnight to get my hands on the new books as they came out. I vividly remember getting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire—the longest Harry Potter book released at the time—and reading the entire book in three days. I’m not going to lie, I asked my parents if I could stay home from school that Monday so I could finish the book and I surprisingly got a yes.

The movies weren’t that much different for me. I saw every single movie in theaters as they came out; sometimes I even saw a new film twice while it was in theaters. In fact, I watch all of the Harry Potter films every year during the holiday season. Despite my age, I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter 😆🧙🏽‍♀️

Harry Potter Hogwarts cosplay. Amanda Raye Scozzafava from Broke & Chic blog.

If you’re also a Harry Potter fan, or you know a Harry Potter fan, check out our Harry Potter themed holiday gift guide. Accio gifts!

Harry Potter Holiday Gift Guide

  1. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: $9.99 via Target
  2. Custom Harry Potter Inspired Dog Portrait: $54.88 via Etsy
  3. Harry Potter Trivia Pursuit: $20.99 via Amazon
  4. Golden Snitch Earrings: $65 via Pandora
  5. Harry Potter Blender Bottle: $15.50 via Amazon
  6. Alohomora Key Holder: $22.99 via Etsy
  7. Harry Potter Self-Care Kit w/ Bath Bomb: $25.50 via Etsy
  8. Accio Coffee Spoon: $14.99 via Amazon
  9. Hufflepuff Tee: $16.20 via Etsy
  10. Straight Outta Azkaban Tee: $12.99 via Etsy
  11. Expecto Patronum Ring: $13.80 via Etsy
  12. Gryffindor Candle Mug: $19.00 via Etsy
  13. After All This Time, Always Mugs: $27.99 via Amazon
  14. DJ Owl Tee: $24.99 via Etsy
  15. Herbology Tote: $15.30 via Etsy
  16. Ravenclaw Soap: $5.24 via Etsy
  17. Slytherin Candle: $24.99 via Amazon

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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