Adulting 101—Where Do First Grey Hairs Appear?

Posted January 13, 2023 by in Beauty

Grey hair can develop far too early in both men and women. Whether you rock brown, black, or blonde hair naturally, the colour of your hair comes from a substance called melanin.

However, melanin doesn’t produce at the same rate forever. As you get older, you might need to use a anti grey hair pill to delay hair greying for as long as possible.

Your hair may grey earlier due to chemical processes, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, and your genes. With an anti grey hair treatment, you can put off premature hair greying and stimulate healthy hairs.

What spot does turn grey first?

In women, greying usually starts around the temples and then moves toward the top of the scalp. As it gets lighter, it may eventually turn white. Hairs on the body and face often turn later grey than the hair on your head.

In men greying starts to appear in your beard. So, when you are curious about why your beard turns white it could be the beginning signal of greying.  

Fortunately you shouldn’t worry about getting grey. Nowadays there are plenty of natural ways to make sure you don’t get grey as fast.

How to prevent grey hair naturally?

To stop grey hair naturally you should address potential vitamin deficiencies. A lack of vitamin B-12, Iron, or Biotin can help causing premature hair greying and hair loss. A solution could be taking anti grey hair pills of Neofollics, which contains these vitamins.

Another way to prevent grey hair naturally is to try managing stress, because stress can trigger premature hair greying. Aim to reduce unnecessary stressors in your life and keep positive thinking. Meditation, sports and breathing exercises can help you to reduce stress. It is definitely worth giving a shot. This is not only a good way to reduce grey hairs but also has plenty of other benefits.

The third factor that can help you to prevent grey hair naturally is that you should quit smoking. This is because smoking can lead to premature hair greying and is bad for your overall health.

The last factor is that you should avoid hair products with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can reduce the hair’s natural melanin production. Examples of such chemicals are hydrogen peroxide, silicones, and parabens.