Battling Addiction: When Is Partial Hospitalization the Next Logical Step to Take?

Posted May 8, 2024 by in Health + Fitness

Substance abuse treatment programs offer multiple care levels to meet every need, which makes it easy to find a program that fits your schedule and is appropriate for your condition. If you need in-depth care but can’t commit to a residential treatment program, a PHP or partial hospitalization program may be ideal.

No matter your addiction treatment needs, there’s a program that can help. With the jumpstart provided by a php in Los Angeles, it’s possible to maintain long-term recovery. Read on to learn more about PHPs and their benefits.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

A partial hospitalization program is the highest possible level of outpatient addiction care. In such programs, clients visit the center five days a week for up to six hours daily, receiving case management, support, medication, and therapy services. While program lengths vary, the average PHP lasts about a month. We’ll get into the benefits of partial hospitalization programs below.

High-Quality Care Close to Home

Residential care isn’t right for everyone. If you’re caring for young children or elderly parents, for instance, you may find it difficult—if not impossible—to get through a residential treatment program. One of the biggest benefits of PHPs is that they provide intensive treatment without needing a long stay away from home.

Affordability and Value of Care

Inpatient treatment is effective, but it can also be expensive. The costs of room, board, and around-the-clock supervision add up quickly. PHP treatment keeps costs down without sacrificing quality of care. If you’re in active addiction but can’t afford residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs may be worth investigating.

Maximizing Affordable Care Act Insurance Benefits

While the ACA (Affordable Care Act) made all types of addiction treatment more accessible, insurers would rather cover PHPs because of their lower cost. Inpatient treatment requires lengthy residential stays, while PHPs are a long-term outpatient service. Partial hospitalization programs make insurance benefits go much further.

The Best Addiction Treatments on a Workable Schedule

If you’re in the throes of addiction, you may worry that outpatient treatment won’t be enough to help you get clean. PHPs include all the essential components of inpatient programs, including group, family, and individual therapy—all on an outpatient basis that allows you to be home on nights and weekends.

A Logical Next Step After Inpatient Treatment, But Not a Step Down

If you’ve gone through residential treatment, it may be best to transition to a less restrictive level of care. Partial hospitalization programs help addicts work their way toward long-term sobriety by developing healthy coping skills and dealing with their challenges.

PHPs Offer a Chance to Practice New Coping Skills

In residential programs, you’re in a secure drug- and temptation-free environment. Once the program is over, though, you’ll return home to all the stresses and challenges of daily life. Partial hospitalization offers access to a regimented environment that increases resilience and decreases the risk of relapse.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

If you need additional support to achieve sustained sobriety, you can rely on LA partial hospitalization programs to get you through. PHP benefits are equivalent to those of inpatient programs, without the hassles and high cost. Learn more about these programs online or call a local addiction treatment center for more details.

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