Beauty Tips for the Man in Your Life

Posted May 18, 2022 by in Beauty
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I talk a lot about female beauty tips on this blog, but these days, many more men are taking beauty and grooming more seriously.

So let’s take a look at some of the best male beauty tips that you (if you’re a guy reading this) or the man in your life, might benefit from:

Young Man Washing His Face

Men Should Moisturize and Use Best Hair Shear Supplies

A lot of men still think that moisturizing is something that only women need to do. This is really not the case. Everyone who has skin should take the tie to moisturize if they want to look as youthful and fresh-faced as possible. So, be sure to moisturize every morning and evening if you want to look your best. Also use professional grade quality men grooming supplies such as hair cutting, thinning and texturizing shears from

Take better care of your beard

If you, or the man in your life, has a beard, then it is vital that you do a few things. First of all, get a New Zealand beard grooming kit that has all the product and tools you need. Then you should start to trim and brush your beard regularly to help keep it in shape and prevent knotting.

Next, beards should be washed daily to get rid of dirt and food particles that many have collected.

Finally, bead oil should be applied to help maintain good shine and condition. If dandruff is present, then using an anti-dandruff beard oil would be sensible too. Beards can look amazing but guys really need to put the effort into painting them if that is to be the case.

Switch to a shaving oil

Anyone who prefers the clean-shaven look should switch to an organic shaving oil. Not only does this make shaving easier, but it reduces razor burns and rashes, and helps to moisturize the affected area too.

Embrace waxing

No, waxing is not just for women, Any man who wants to look well-groomed should think about havig their eyebrows waxed. Doing so will help to shave the face, and show the world that you take looking good seriously.

Sure, you might want to keep more eyebrow hair than the average woman, but if they are well-shaped and not unkempt, you will look a million times better as a result.

Exfoliate your lips

If your lips tend to get dry and cracked, that is not a good look for anyone. Often, it is men who have drier lips, which is why guys should take to exfoliating with a sugar and coconut oil solution. Try it and you’ll be amazed at how much more kissable your lips are as a result.

Soak your hands

Men with rough hands may also benefit from soaking their hands in a bowl of warm olive oil for 30-60 minutes every week, followed by a nail trim, This will keep hands soft and subtle and nails short and in great condition too. So many women look at a man’s hands before they take in everything else that this is a big one to remember.

Man in Blue Crew Neck Shirt Putting Cream On His Face

Even if you do not have time to add all of these male beauty tips into your regime, even just a few of them will make all the difference to how good you, or the man in your life, looks or feels.