Successfully Grow Your YouTube Channel: What to Invest In

Posted March 22, 2019 by in Career
Career Advice: Investing in Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms a content creator can use. When you upload excellent content and use the right keywords, your content can go viral. This has happened to countless people. So many famous superstars were discovered because they utilized the power of YouTube. Whether you have dreams and aspirations of becoming the next Justin Beiber or you have a strong desire to teach the masses about the importance of healthy living, you can use YouTube to your advantage. Another of the uses that you can give to Youtube is to publish video marketing. Through this platform you will be able to see the statistics as well.

One of the factors you’ll want to care about is the quality. With millions of people producing excellent videos on YouTube, it’s best to make sure your quality is at a certain level. In order to succeed, consider the following ways you can invest in the quality of your YouTube channel:

Career Advice: Investing in Your YouTube Channel

Camera Equipment 
Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need to purchase a fancy DSLR camera when you’re starting out. In the beginning, it’s okay to use your smartphone’s camera to record videos. Actually, there are plenty of YouTube personalities who have achieved partner status and still use the cameras on their phone.

Most people don’t really care about the quality of the camera. As long as they can see you clearly, understand what you’re saying and get the message, it doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with a camera on your phone or a DSLR. If you’re shooting with your phone or a fancy lens, make sure the lens is clean. You don’t want to record a video with smudge marks. You can’t edit those out. 

Ring lights are amazing when you’d like to make sure you have a controlled and consistent look for the video shoot. However, when you’re starting out, it’s okay to take advantage of natural light. Truthfully, many photographers and videographers prefer the beauty of natural light the most. If you’re able to shoot at ideal times, use natural light. Shooting in front of a window is beneficial. You don’t have to be outside. If you’re unable to utilize natural light, just make sure you have a lighting set-up.

In the beginning, you might focus on turning on all of the lights you have in that particular room. As you get more experienced and develop a stream of income from your efforts, you can upgrade to a ring light, umbrellas, and other lighting options. 

The sound is so vital to the quality of your video. If your audience can’t hear what you’re saying, this completely defeats the purpose of your videos. You can approach the sound efforts from a range of price points. At first, it might be most effective to record in a quiet room while you project your voice and enunciate your words. Don’t underestimate the power of clear speech. Never mumble when you’re trying to communicate a message. If you’re creating a video that requires a voice-over, grab your smartphone and go in the closet with a blanket. Close the closet door, sit in a corner and sit underneath the blanket as though it’s a tent. Though it might get a little warm, open up your phone and record your voice-over. This is one of the best ways to record a quality voice-over because the sound doesn’t have a far distance to travel.

If you can’t bear the idea of sitting under a blanket for a while, consider recording the voice-over in your car. Just make sure that no cars or loud noises are going to interrupt your work. As you gain more financial margin, you can upgrade by setting up your own sound equipment. Purchase a microphone and a mini-sound booth for recording voiceovers. When you’re sitting down to record in front of the camera, use a lapel microphone to pick up your voice. Once you’ve finished recording the video, you can always edit the sound quality by using audio software. These details might not seem that major to those who don’t care. However, it helps you produce a high-quality product. When you’re investing in an effort like a YouTube channel, quality is key. 

Develop a consistent schedule surrounding your channel. It’s a lot of work to record, edit and upload a video on YouTube. It’s even more work to continue to develop a following that watches the channel. However, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t actively create more content on a consistent basis. Stick with a schedule you can realistically commit to. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll produce content every two days when you know you don’t have the time. Instead, commit to creating content on a weekly basis. As you develop a rhythm for the video production process, you can shift from once a week to twice a week. 

Find someone who has a good eye for quality. Make sure you find someone who is going to give you wise counsel on how you’re doing and how you can improve your efforts. As you perfect your strategies, you’ll be able to stand out as a YouTube creator that others will want to watch. Commit to the craft. It’ll serve you well in the future.

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