Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Walls

Posted October 12, 2021 by in Home

Your home is made up largely of walls, so it makes sense that refreshing your walls can really help to revamp your decor as a whole. With that in mind, I’ve put together some simple ideas for decorating out walls that you may want to try if you’re looking to completely transform the space you live in.

Hang an Oversized Painting

If you’re looking for a really fast fuss-free way to refresh your walls, then you can simply add an oversized painting somewhere. Large canvas wall art or photography is a great way to freshen up the walls because you can bring in new colors, shapes and themes without any decoration.

A large piece will instantly transform any room.

Go Dark

One thing that can completely give your decor a new lease of life is to call in the interior house painters and have them cover the walls with dark, dramatic colors like black, berry, aubergine, or forest green. These dark hues are less commonly used in most homes, so when you choose to put them on your walls, you are really making a statement.

They’ll instantly make your home seem more sophisticated, and in the winter months especially, ore cozy, and all for the price of a can of paint!

Curate Your Own Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are great because they can take up as much or as little of your wall space as you would like, and you can change them frequently without the usual upheaval of decorating. The key is to choose lots of contrasting pieces in different sizes so you can really show off your personality and create a home decor that nobody else is going to have.

Hang Fabric

Wallpaper may be popular, but everyone has it in their homes; if you want to do something different, why not hang fabric instead? It’s really easy to hang a swathe of fabric from the wall and it is the perfect way to make a non-permanent statement.

From recycled silk saris to tie-dyed cotton, there is sure to be a fabric that will suit each room in your home, so why not dress the walls up a little?

Paint a Mural

This is a particularly good way to decorate children’s rooms because you can make your murals fun and whimsical by painting popular cartoon characters or whatever, but you can refresh the walls in any room with a painted mural. Geometric shapes are particularly popular right now, but you can paint on anything you fancy really – the more outrageous the better! Although hiring to do the mural might cost you, think of other alternatives, DIY, shop animal stencils, wallpaper can also be, or wall decals.

Create a Stylish Wall Display

First things first, you’ll need to choose a central piece for your wall display. This could be a large framed photo, an interesting mirror, ancient swords like Tachi, or even a bold piece of art. Once you’ve selected your statement piece, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll fill the rest of the space. Wall displays are all about mixing and matching different elements to create an interesting and cohesive look. Consider adding some smaller photos or frames, lush greenery, and glimmering candles to your arrangement. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily craft a stylish wall display that will perfectly complement your home’s decor.

Samurai sword wall decor

Add a Bookcase

Adding a bookcase or shelves to your walls is an excellent way of refreshing them because you can use the spines of books to give the space a unique character, along with vases and anything else you may want to put on the shelves. Arranging books by color is a really fun way of doing this, but feel free to let your imagination run wild!

Time to refresh those boring walls!