Demystifying Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and the Myths

Posted November 6, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
Demystifying Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and the Myths

It is common for people to visit a doctor the moment they feel a little discomfort in their chest or any part of the body. But, when those same people suffer from mood swings, excessive anger, long periods of sadness, or other extreme emotions, they fail to see a psychiatrist. They are not sure that it will work for them, or they are afraid of the social stigma attached to it. 

World Health Organization published a report stating that more than five crore people in India suffered from some form of depression, while over three crore people had some form of anxiety disorder. Even though there has been some amount of awareness surrounding mental illnesses, a lot needs to be done.

We break down some common myths about seeing a psychiatrist that may prevent you from seeking help at the right time:

Myth 1 – Mental Therapy is Not for Everyone

Most people believe that it is only people with crippling psychological issues who see a psychiatrist. But the truth is that therapy can help people deal with everyday issues such as anxiety, grief, career, sadness, relationships, trauma, family conflicts, and more. 

Myth 2 – Mental Illnesses is an Excuse for Bad Behavior

People suffering from mental illnesses may exhibit peculiar behaviors or act out in front of others. But, you need to remember that it is not the person but the disease that is forcing them to act in a certain way. The person will also feel embarrassed or ashamed due to the illness. Thus, odd behavior is not an excuse but a symptom of mental illness that should be addressed with the help of a psychiatrist.

Myth 3 – People with Mental Illness Cannot Recover from It Completely

People can recover from mental illness with the right treatment. Many good psychiatrists offer different treatments and support program that can help them. When mental illness is identified at an early stage, therapy can be beneficial and allow the person to get back to their routine life as early as possible. Thus, it is essential to see a psychiatrist immediately.

Myth 4 – Children Cannot Suffer from Mental Illnesses

It is not just adults, but children too can suffer from mental illnesses. In most people, mental illnesses start to occur at a young age. So, it is essential to look out for signs of mental illnesses in children and get the help they need. Many parents are afraid to accept that their child might have an issue because of embarrassment or social stigma. At such instances, it is always recommended to opt for the best psychiatrist in India as they would be able to inform the parents about the existing condition and the parents can adapt their parenting style and understand their child’s behavior better.

Myth 5 – Psychiatrists will Judge Your Behavior 

When you see a psychiatrist, it means that you want to learn what is wrong with you and seek treatment for it. Booking an appointment with a psychiatrist takes strength and will help improve your life. Psychiatrists are well trained to view your actions through a clinical lens and not attach any form of personal judgement or bias to your actions. 

Myth 6 – Mental Health Conditions can be Cured by Self-Control

Just like your self-control cannot lower your fever, it will not help cure your mental condition. It is essential that you give as much importance to your mental health that you provide to your physical health. You need to seek treatment for your psychological problem so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Myth 7 – Mental Illness Treatment is Painful

Psychiatrists undergo years of education and experience, and thus, they offer treatments that are appropriate to your illness. There are plenty of effective therapy methodologies and drugs that they use to help their patients. Therefore, if you think that treatment for mental illnesses is all about Electroconvulsive therapy and tying you down in reigns as is conveyed in the movies, you are gravely mistaken. Nowadays, treatment for mental illness is often carried out in serene and peaceful retreat environments that help the patient cope better with the treatment. 

If you or someone around you is suffering from mental illness, it is essential to get help immediately. If you’re looking to find the best psychiatrists in India, you’ll find help and guidance if you call up a mental health helpline.

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