Engagement Rings Are Forever—3 Rules To Pick Only The Best

Posted September 4, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Your engagement ring is perhaps one of the most significant pieces of jewelry you will ever own. Whether you pick it for yourself or your partner wants to give you one with a surprise proposal, you would want nothing but the best. Surely, you deserve only the best because engagement rings are forever.

However, buying a perfect one may be a bigger challenge than you think, considering the concerns like quality, design, and budget. Still, you can follow some simple rules to help you buy the most amazing engagement ring. Let us explain these rules in detail:

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Know Exactly What You Want

Since this is going to be a forever piece for your collection, you need to have a clear idea about what you exactly want. Obviously, it will be a diamond but you need to decide the metal for the setting, whether you prefer gold or platinum. Apart from the base metal, it is also important to decide the shape of the stone.

Diamonds come in a range of cuts and shapes, from round to square, oval, marquise, princess cut, and more. Knowing your preference right from the start will make it easy to find a ring that you will absolutely love.

If you are buying for your lady, ask upfront or try to find out her liking from her friend or sister.

Consider Custom Designing 

Once you have a design in mind, you can go ahead and start exploring the options on the market. Looking around on a reputed online website is a good idea as it lets you check their catalog right from the comfort of your home. Further, the concept of custom-designed Engagement Rings has made it easy to have one that perfectly matches your vision.

There are sellers who have seasoned designers on board to create a replica of the design you choose, whether it is one that your favorite celebrity flaunts or something you always had in mind for this special piece.

Apart from ensuring a setting of your choice, custom designs enable you to buy loose stones and have them set in a design you want. This is a great idea because it enables you to save money.

Never Compromise on Quality 

Another engagement ring buying rule that you must not miss out on is to prioritize quality over everything else. Even before you step out to shop, research the 4C’s of diamonds carefully so that you are sure about the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of the stone you pick. All these parameters go a long way in helping you determine the diamond’s quality.

Buying certified diamonds is a no brainer as it is an assurance that you are getting your money’s worth. Moreover, shop only from a trusted seller who has a good reputation for selling genuine and high-quality jewelry.

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Going the extra mile with engagement ring shopping makes sense because you will want to cherish this special piece for a lifetime. These simple rules will have you covered when it comes to smart shopping for the signature piece.