Excessive Sweating: Is Botox the Treatment You Need?

Posted July 30, 2021 by in Beauty

If you ask many people what their perception of botox is it would probably be that it is a cosmetic treatment that can offer help with wrinkle reduction. 

However, a trusted botox treatment specialist will be able to confirm that it is also an effective strategy for tackling focal hyperhidrosis, which is the problem of excessive sweating.

If you suffer from excessive sweating you will not need to be told how debilitating and embarrassing it can be. Botox could actually offer a way of managing and controlling this upsetting problem and here is a look at how it can help you manage this condition more effectively:

Get Professional Guidance

The first thing to say is that there can be a number of underlying reasons why you suffer from excessive sweating and it is imperative that you get a proper medical evaluation as there are some serious conditions that can create excessive sweating symptoms.

Once you have ruled out other potential medical issues as the reason for your excessive sweating It might be suggested that you try using a clinical strength antiperspirant to see if that helps alleviate the problem.

Isolated Sweating

If you find that you suffer from excessive sweating in one specific area of your body, such as your feet or hands, for instance, it has been shown that botox treatments can be more effective when you suffer from isolated sweating rather than all over your body.

The sweat glands on your feet and hands have been sow to respond positively to botox treatment and it is often the case that you should be able to easily tolerate the injections required in these affected parts of your body.

A Simple Procedure

It is reassuring to know that botox injections are usually easy to administer and the procedure is straightforward.

A numbing cream will first be applied to the intended treatment area and this will usually be about one hour before the injection so that it has time to prepare the area for the injections required.

Once the area is numb and thoroughly clean the botox will be applied using a number of injections delivered through a tiny needle.

A minor amount of tenderness will be experienced and there might even be some minor bruising but this is usually minor.

You should start to see initial positive results with a reduction in sweating within about five days and the full effect of the treatment should be noticeable within about two weeks.

How Does it Work?

In simple terms, botox works by blocking the nerves that are responsible for activating your sweat glands.

The normal reaction for your body would be to activate your sweat glands as your temperature rises, but some of us have a problem because our sweat glands are overactive.

Botox works by paralyzing these overactive nerves and allowing you to control your sweating to more normal levels. When you target specific areas of your body with botox treatment it should help you to avoid excessive sweating.

If excessive sweating is a problem for you it could be well worth talking to a professional about what botox might be able to offer.