High-Quality Photography Is a Key in E-commerce Business Success

Posted January 24, 2023 by in Career

The online space is saturated with lots of e-commerce stores and with the increased competition comes the need for your e-commerce store to stand out. One way to distinguish your business from others in the same space is by offering visually appealing products. The clearer and more attractive your images are, the easier it is to attract customers to your page and help them make a buying decision when they aren’t sure to buy a product they can’t touch.

Hence, high-quality photography is an essential part of every e-commerce business. This article highlights the importance and advantages of investing in high-quality photography.

Photoshoot in session

Effects of High-Quality Pictures vs Low-Quality Pictures on your Ecommerce Business

It’s not enough to click a camera and upload a picture, the quality of the picture taken can make or mar your business. A high-quality picture can positively affect your online store and here is how:

  1. Builds Brand Trust

According to a report by practical e-commerce, customers are three times more likely to buy a product if the image sample is of great quality. Products with high-quality pictures overcome the touch-and-feel barrier that typically comes with electronic products.

If the image sample of the product is great, then customers are more likely to take a second look at the product; in many instances, e-commerce stores with clear product pictures are more likely to record increased sales than stores with low-quality pictures.

  1. High-Quality Photography Minimizes Return Rate

Oftentimes, customers return orders because what they ordered does not match what they get. This often occurs when the picture of the product uploaded does not match the real product. To reduce the return rate and increase revenue, there is a need to invest in high-quality photography. With professional photography, you can capture images of products with higher color accuracy. 

  1. Close-up Images will enable Customers to Analyze Products

One rule of thumb in photography is not to zoom in on pictures as it can lower the picture quality; but with a good camera, you can get high-quality images that will not pixelate when you zoom in. This way, you can take clear yet attractive pictures that will enable customers closely scrutinize the details of the products they wish to buy.

  1. Good Images Can Trigger Impulse Buying

Research has shown that good and captivating pictures can serve as a social trigger. By placing a high-quality image of your products on your website, you can easily capture the interest of potential customers. And if these images can be shown in action and can answer customers’ questions, then you are likely to pull your customers’ purchase trigger. Invariably, this will lead to more sales.

  1. Opportunity for SEO

High-quality pictures create potential for search engine optimization. For this, you need to embed your keywords into the file names and texts. For better results, you will need to upload a lot of pictures. You will also need to take close-up pictures of the product details and take all angles of the product. This will enable the customer see all sides of the product and give them a feel of what it’s truly like.

  1. Creates Content for Other Purposes

Content creation is no small feat as it requires a lot of money, time, and energy. But producing high-quality pictures can cut down on time and resources spent on content creation. With a good marketing strategy, you can repurpose high-quality pictures and upload them on various social media networks.

Beyond that, you can also use the images on printed and digital catalogs as well as brand publications. Besides, when paired with excellent supporting content, your followers can be inspired to share. The effect of this is increased brand awareness, and an expanded customer base. All these cannot be achieved with low-quality images as your followers will not be inspired to share your content and may even unfollow you.

  1. Provides Information at a Glance

Generally, online products come with detailed product descriptions and features. yet, it can be difficult for a customer to visualize a product if the picture quality is low. A high-quality image on the other hand provides a clearer mental picture and helps them make a buying decision faster. The high-quality picture also enables customers to set a reasonable expectation of the products to be received which can help avert any issues.

How to Get High-Quality Images

In photography, the subject does not matter as much as the quality of the shots. But to get the best images, you need the right tools and images. Here are some quality parameters that will determine a good photo:


A camera is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for product photography. But while the type of camera used can determine the quality of the picture, you don’t need a very expensive camera to churn out excellent photos. It’s true you need a camera to take pictures, but just as long as you know how to use the camera the right way, any camera will do just fine.


Light is everything in photography. It enhances the beauty of the products and reduces the need to edit. In photography, natural light is always the best, especially those gotten two hours before sunrise and two hours after sunset (the golden hour). However, there will be times you will need to shoot indoors, and for those times; you will need extra lighting to get the best result.

Photo Editor

With a photo editor, you can enhance the quality of your product image. The editing should be minor though so as not to alter the original picture. There are lots of photo editing apps on the internet with many of them free or very affordable.

Boost Sales with High-Quality Images

When customers visit a brick-and-mortar store, they get to touch, feel and possibly test the product they wish to purchase. But when purchasing items online, buyers rely solely on online reviews and images of the product. Since they can’t physically access the product, they will be on the lookout for products with the best perception of quality. High-quality images provide a clear image of what the product is like. To boost your sales and increase your revenue, pay attention to the quality of images on your website.