How Can CBD Enhance Your Skincare Routine?

Posted July 28, 2022 by in Beauty

Beauty standards are always clanging around the world, but having clear and unblemished skin will be the epitome of feeling great in your own body. However, with so many stressors, pollutants, and lifestyle changes, having glass skin is not achievable without extensive treatments and beauty regimes. Today, your skin demands time and effort in upkeep if you wish to age gracefully, which is why beauty and skincare is a trillion-dollar industry. 

One of the latest additions to the lot is CBD skincare, where cannabidiol is infused in a range of products that can change your beauty regime for the better. Not only does CBD’s vast healing capabilities provide a simplified process for those with sensitive skin, but it also heals several problems from the root. Let’s take a glance at the kinds of skin issues that CBD products can help you overcome.

Woman applying serum to face using a dropper while holding a handheld mirror

  1. Anti Acne balm: Everyone loves to have clear skin, but texturization due to acne can make achieving flawless skin difficult. Especially with cases of body acne, hyperpigmentation and breakouts can make deep marks that do not fade away, With CBD topical ointments or oil, one can cure bacterial or fungal acne, thereby making way for clearer skin.
  1. Eliminates flare-ups: If you or a loved one experiences eczema flare-ups, you know what a hindrance it can be. Especially with women who tend to wear makeup, eczema can be quite inconvenient due to the sensitivity it brings. From cracking and painful skin to redness, all the symptoms seem to worsen during the colder seasons. Using Purple Penthouse CBD oil infused with a gentle non-comedogenic cream can help bring relief to the skin, lessening the impact of this disorder. In time you will also see the skin condition wearing off completely.
  1. Even out allergic reactions: If your skin is prone to quick breakouts and allergic reactions, it may take some time for the redness and other rash-like symptoms to settle down. CBD is a miraculous healer of all things allergy-related, facilitating deep healing for your skin. From redness to flaking skin, it can smoothen your skin out in record time, without the help of topical steroids, which can take some time to wean off.
  1. Brings rapid healing from scars: Pigmentation can be a result of scars, scrapes, burns, or injuries. However, not everyone wears them like badges of honor and life experience. In today’s world, people are highly conscious of the scars they may get due to incidents, accidents, or injuries. Thankfully, CBD can help reduce the amount of scarring! The antioxidant-rich compound, when infused in ointments can not just help reduce pain and inflammation in injuries, but also reduce scarring over time.
Woman applying CBD to her skin with a dropper

Integrating CBD into your skincare routine before bedtime or even in the morning can prove to be a game changer. If you wish to have smooth skin that glows from deep within, trying CBD oils and cream infusions to start with would deliver great results. We hope that this blog encourages you to try out this wonderful herbal concoction!