How Stress Can Lead To Harmful Lifestyle Choices

Posted October 22, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
How Stress Can Lead To Harmful Lifestyle Choices

We all face stress in life. From problems at work to issues within our personal lives, there are all kinds of stressors that can rear their ugly heads from time to time. Some of them can be eliminated, of course, by finding out how to deal with them, we can then go on with our lives unharmed by the threats they posed to our health. 

On the other hand, stress can lead us into harmful lifestyle choices. Often as a consequence of doing little to get on top of our stressors, we can fall prey to unhealthy habits and attitudes. We list two of them below.

#1: Stress can lead us into addictive behaviors

To relieve the symptoms of stress, we might fall prey to habits that give us some semblance of comfort in the short-term. So, we might smoke to relieve feelings of anxiety. Alcohol and drugs can block out the worried thoughts and feelings we are experiencing. And eating junk food can cause us temporary feelings of comfort, be that because we are eating foods we enjoy, or because the sugar within causes us to experience brief feelings of elation.

These are only temporary fixes, of course, and unfortunately, we are doing our health no favors by indulging in them. If we don’t seek help for these bad habits early on, they can lead to full-blown addictions and a shedload of other stresses. 

Should you be relating to this point, then you don’t need us to tell you how you are harming yourself. Speak to your doctor for advice, or book yourself into any available addiction detox programs near you. You will only start to feel more stressed otherwise should your health worsen, so help yourself today by getting the help you need.

#2: Stress can lead us into debt

Money can’t buy happiness, but we can fall under this pretense when life is getting us down. Instead of dealing with stress in healthy ways, we choose to go comfort shopping instead. A new outfit can bring us momentary feelings of happiness, as can a new piece of decor for our homes, or any other item that gives us pleasure.

This isn’t a problem if we have plenty of money to spend, but we can fall into debt if we spend more than we earn. Stress can also cause us to make errors of judgement, so we might spend on impulse or make mistakes with our budgeting. Again, these issues can lead to debt.

If you are currently in debt as a result of stress, do two things. Firstly, find ways to deal with your stressors, so you don’t make any further financial mistakes. And secondly, speak to a local debt charity for advice. You will only fall prey to the vicious cycle of debt and stress if you don’t because debt in itself can become a stressor that leads you into further financial jeopardy.

We can’t always escape stress, but we do need to deal with it, so consider our suggestions. If you are falling prey to harmful lifestyle choices, now is the time to take action. We hope our simple advice was helpful but continue your research online for the help that is relevant to your situation.

Take care, and thanks for reading.