How to Balance Work Duties and Relaxation During the Summer

Posted August 30, 2019 by in Lifestyle
balancing work and relaxation

The summer holidays are underway and at the moment it’s the best time to turn off the computer and let the summer calm appear. At the same time, many people feel stressed both before and during the holidays. Why is this happening and what can we do to change this?

There are so many people today that ask this kind of questions and in today’s article, we will try to answer these questions as well as give you some ideas on how to spend the best holiday ever. 

When the summer arrives it’s like an alternate world that opens up during these months and then we want to maximize everything but at the same time rest and recover. Here are some interesting ideas on how you can spend your holiday and relax your mind and body at the fullest.

There Is so Much That Can Be Done During One Vacation with the Right Planning

Relax in the hammock, read books, spend quality time with family, visit family and friends, get started with the exercise, repaint the house, fix the garden – many have high expectations of the vacations and everything that can be done during them. Although we have relatively long vacations in most places in today’s world, it is still only a few weeks. It’s so easy to just fill your Samsonite briefcase with your work laptop and board the plane to your destination but still, it is not reasonable to catch just about everything. 

The risk of having that kind of expectation is that unemployment becomes a job in itself. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to completely let go of your work, even when we are going on the best Christmas celebration with our colleges it can simply be too much. Therefore, to lay the groundwork for a good vacancy, it’s recommended that you first and foremost set up a plan for how you want to manage your job during the holidays. 

Is it possible to turn off the e-mail completely, or is it enough to remove the notes? Some people are more stressed out of not being able to keep track of their job emails than of having a ton of them. There are no rights or wrongs here. The important thing is to have a conscious plan. 

One tip is to remove the settings for notifications and just go in and check the email at specified times. Remember that there is a big difference between deciding to check the e-mail sometimes and to be available to your employer at all times. If you decide to check your e-mail a little now and then, it doesn’t have to be wrong, although I don’t think you should be available and ready to respond to e-mails all the time. 

You can equip that best wrap for tendonitis and practice your favorite sport while emails “ding-ding” in the background all they want. After all, you are on holiday and not on a relaxing day in your office. 

summer fun

Prepare Everything in Advance so That You Can Put Your Mind at Ease

Already announcing to colleagues in advance how to be contacted if something is urgent is the first good idea. In that way, everyone will know what to expect from you and vice versa. Once you have a plan for how to handle the job during the holidays, it is time to set up a plan for the leave. We highly recommend that you lower your ambition and plan in advance what you want to get out of your leave. Therefore its best if you do some activities that don’t seem like everyday life. 

Do something you don’t usually do, or that you have never done before but always wanted so much. Just make sure you have a balance, there must be time to do nothing too as this will probably relax you the most. Another recommendation is to talk to the family about what social expectations you have during your vacation.  Discuss with all family members what you want to do and who you want to meet. Otherwise, the risk is that you will place conflicting demands on each other. 

We also need to emphasize that it can also be good to think about your behavior on social media during the holidays. Social life can be just as stressful as working life. So think about how you handle it. Do you have to post every single thing that happens on Facebook, and do you have to follow everyone else’s life every day? Maybe it is necessary to take a break from it too. 

Finally, we will highly indicate that one should not exaggerate the importance of recovery during the holiday. Just the idea of ​​not stressing yourself can be a stress in itself. Of course, it is important to feel calm, but there is so much else of value during the summertime. Everything in life is not about stressing and taking care of one’s health. 

There are other reasons to do different things during the summer and the following tips can be a quick reminder about the most important things that you need to do. 

Here are 5 tips for a quieter holiday that we can conclude as the most important when trying to make out the most of your vacation. 

  1. Plan your duties ahead of time. Some people are more stressed out of not being able to keep track of their job emails than of having them. There is no right or wrong. Decide in advance how you want to handle the work and stick to it. 
  1. Lower expectations and plan in moderation. After all, it is only a few weeks that you are free of duty, you cannot do everything you planned but with the right organization maybe you can do nearly all of them. 
  1. Do something different this year. By breaking everyday routines, the brain can relax even more. 
  1. Talk to your family, What you want to do and whom you want to meet? Make sure you do not have conflicting demands on each other. 
  1. Disconnect your social media. You don’t have to post all your events on social media, or, for that matter, stay up to date on what everyone else is doing. 

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How do you balance work and relaxation? Let us know in the comments below!