How to Choose the Right Cleanser for Your Skin

Posted June 7, 2021 by in Beauty

While washing your face with water looks like the easiest way to clean your skin, it does not effectively remove all dirt. You will need a cleanser to clean up your skin after staying the entire day outdoors. With a wide range of products available, it gets tough to choose the type of cleanser best for you. A too harsh cleanser can damage your skin and cause dryness, whereas a too mild cleanser may not be that effective.

Various factors affect cleanser selection, be it your skin type or level of sensitivity. Here are a few types of cleansers you can choose from and when you should use them:

1. Cream or Milk

These are traditional kinds of cleansers that you must have heard about for over a decade now. There are cleansing milk brands you must have used for years now, like Cerave or Cetaphil. These can be applied using cotton to wipe your entire face. You can also use your fingers to apply this gently before washing it off or cleaning it with a cleansing cloth. These creams are gentle on your face and remove dead skin, imparting you a brighter complexion.

These work decently, and if you do not wish to experiment too much, you can safely pick one of these. Another popular milk cleanser is the Milky Jelly Cleanser from Glossier.

2. Face Wash

These kinds of cleansers need to be mixed with water that lathers up, and then it is applied to the skin and washed off using water. Foaming cleansers are quite popular but remember, some may use harsh chemicals that help in forming the lather, which can cause extreme skin-drying effects.

Read the ingredients and avoid any foaming cleanser containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) as it may strip your skin off any moisture and react if your skin.

3. Oils

These are also a pretty recent addition to the list of cleansing items. They are best known to be used to remove makeup. Use a muslin cloth to work along with the oil, and remember to gently wipe out easily all the makeup, especially the ones you have applied to your eyes.

Organic facial cleansing oils do an excellent job of removing makeup, sunscreen, and other waterproof or oil-based products while protecting the skin’s natural lipid layer. Most importantly, organic oil cleansers use ingredients that contain no pesticides and chemical fertilizers and are grown with no genetic enhancements using conscientious farming practices.

4. Face Wipes

This is the easiest method for removing makeup and cleansing the face as you don’t need to worry about having both a cleanser and/or a cotton ball. Face wipes are like wet tissues that can be directly used on the face to remove dirt, and you will also feel fresh. You can use it while traveling or when you need to feel fresh (like after a workout). Face wipes are also great for wiping your face clean of makeup after a night out and you’re just too tired to do your usual skincare routine.

We strongly recommend you not to use this regularly. They are packed with synthetic ingredients and alcohol that may irritate your skin if used for prolonged.

5. Micellar Waters

Miceller water is an in-between product than can be used as a pre-toner, toner, or cleanser. These products are effective in removing makeup dirt as well as hydrate the skin. These can be applied with a cotton ball. If you have sensitive skin and want to use something as natural as possible, micellar water is likely your best bet.

While you must have gathered useful tips reading the above, you can never be sure unless you try various products. Something that works for your sister may not work for you; hence, experiment and closely examine the results before finalizing a cleansing solution for your skin type.

*Photos by Ron Lach