How to Create a Budget Gamer Room

Posted May 6, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Dual home office setup for gaming and work

Regardless of your age or gender, video gaming is a hugely popular pastime around the world. In recent years, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, larger audiences have enjoyed the excitement and escapism of popular video games for the first time, such as Fortnite and Animal Crossing, when movement has been restricted. Today video games are not just for teenagers, and the enormous variety of games and apps means they can be enjoyed by all ages with games for all tastes. The global video games market is set to be worth $256.97 billion by 2025, making it a bigger industry than film. Now is a perfect time to upgrade one of your rooms into a gamer room. This does not have to cost the earth, though. By following some of these key tips, you can make a great gamer room on a modest budget.

NYC apartment gaming room

A great gaming PC does not need to cost a fortune

Firstly, it is worth noting that you do not need to spend enormous amounts of money to get a gaming PC that can run the latest games when you can find the right PC for gaming at BPC. Of course, you can spend several thousands of dollars to get an absolute state-of-the-art machine with a spec list that reads like something from the Starship Enterprise, but this is not required. Modern gaming PCs such as those from Lenovo Gaming don’t have to cost the earth but offer easily enough performance to run the latest games perfectly well. Remember to prioritize the graphic card and processor when deciding on what to buy and opt for a processor with at least four cores. Features worth sacrificing include RGB keyboards and touch screen monitors as neither are truly needed, and you can focus your money on the gaming engine of your new PC.

Buy some of your equipment second hand

When shopping for items such as gaming chairs and desks for your gaming rig, why pay top dollar? There is an immense range of nearly new gaming chairs available online from stores such as eBay or on Facebook Marketplace. Gaming chairs especially will cost a fraction of the price second hand, and you will be helping the environment by reusing used equipment. Another smart tip is to ask at your office if you can take used office furniture home when office upgrades are being carried out, and older equipment is being replaced. Most offices will simply dispose of old office equipment, so this is another way you will be minimizing your budget and helping to promote sustainability.

Investigate freecycling for additional items 

Another perfect way to absolutely minimize costs when setting up a budget gamer room is to research the world of freecycling. This is where people from around the world offer goods that they no longer need at zero cost. It is done through a sense of goodwill and is a result of the growing environmental awareness amongst society and the reluctance to commit working equipment to landfill sites. A variety of sites such as exist for this purpose. When looking for additional lighting or other pieces of furniture for your gamers’ room, using freecycling will keep these costs at virtually zero. 

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