How to Get into Exercise—Even When It’s the Last Thing You Want to Do

Posted July 30, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Exercising is an extremely wonderful thing. It has so many benefits for you, not to mention there is such a great variety of fun exercises. Firstly, exercising can help you achieve your body goals. You can build muscle, lose weight, and tone up your body thanks to frequent exercising. It also has great effects on your mental health. Reducing stress and having a boosted mood are two side effects of exercising. 

As great as exercising is, it can be a difficult thing to get into the habit of. It’s not as simple as waking up one day and deciding you are going to work out six days a week. If it were like that, chances would be that everyone would be a top athlete. It’s not easy, but following these tips can help improve your chances of getting into exercise:

Set Realistic Goals 

As mentioned earlier, you can’t just expect to train like a professional on your first week. It takes time and patience. A good way to do this is to set realistic goals. This way, you will be working towards something, which can give you motivation and inspiration. If you want to set your goals in terms of training frequency, there is a good tactic to figure out your goals.

To start off, sit down and think about what you think the maximum you could do in a week would be. Once you’ve gotten a rough idea, take away about 25-40%. So, say you think you could do four days in the gym in a week, start off with three. Or, if you think over the course of a week you could run 10km, just run 3-4km. Why is this? If you put too much strain on your body the first week, chances are you’ll get injured.

Pushing yourself to the limit is great, but not on your first week. If you do escape injury, chances are you will be so tired and fed up you won’t have as much motivation for week two. After your first week, you can look at slowly increasing your workload about 10% per week, until you feel you are at a good level. 

Find a Partner 

Exercising on your own can be quite daunting if you are doing it for the first time. You can combat this anxiety by having a training partner. It can be someone who has been exercising for years or someone also looking to make a difference in their life. It will also help to make the experience that bit more enjoyable. 

It is also much safer to train with a partner. Should one of you sustain a very bad injury, the other can call Los Angeles urgent care. This service will help heal the injured party. This should also make you feel safer when training. 

Pick an Exercise You Like 

There’s such a wide choice in exercises there’s bound to be one you like. It could be a sport, weight lifting, or cardio, the choice is massive. You can feel free to try out different options. For example, nearly every exercise can be tried out without any financial commitment, so try a few different things. 

*Photos by Yaroslav Shuraev