How to Have a Healthy Skin Care Routine in Winter

Posted November 23, 2022 by in Beauty

It is no longer only about the products that you choose to use in your winter skin care routine. The way you use your products also contributes to your skin texture and overall appearance. Winters are all about spending quality time in cozy sweaters with a cup of hot chocolate. But it does not mean, our skin has to go from being plump, nourished to dry and crackly. 

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Four Expert-Backed Skincare Hacks

You do not have to indulge yourself in a 10 Step Skin care routine to ensure a healthy skin. Thus, do check out the skin care tips and trick mentioned below to save your time and energy:

  1. A Humidifier Helps Better:

According to skin care expert Dr. Engelman:

“If we manage humidity level (in air) up to 40-60% then it’s ideal. The moisture in air will help to not lose the moistness and safeguard our skin indoors.”

It is a better option than to hydrating your skin after every hour. You will not have to deal with an unhealthy, dry or a crackly textured skin. 

  1. Limit Hot Showers:

Yes, that’s a hard one. However, when you take hot showers then it dries your skin way more than any other regular shower. Many experts suggests to limit the hot showers during winters to lock the moisture and natural oil of skin. Just take a shower or both for about 5-10 minute. This way, you will not dry up your skin or make it any worse than it should be. 

  1. Moisturize:

It’s nothing new. We all are aware of the importance of moisturizing. However, it is essential to apply moisturizer on damp skin. The best way is to apply body lotion as soon as you are done with your shower. Accordingly to experts, this helps locks in additional moisture.

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  1. Hydrate Yourself:

It is significant to hydrate yourself in winter as plenty of people forget to drink water when the temperature goes down. During the winter season, skin does not retain moisture. That’s where, drinking water helps in attaining a hydrated or healthy skin.

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