How to Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

Posted July 2, 2021 by in Fashion

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to pollution? And guess what, you are also a part of this. But gone are the days that fashion brands could avoid these ethical commitments. With everyone inclining towards environmentally conscious brands, sustainability is not only a trend now. Instead, it’s becoming a necessity. 

In fact, more than half of the fashion industry brands are trying to switch half of their products made from sustainable materials by 2025. So, if you also wish to be a part of this change, you can achieve that using the following tips.

Let’s get started!

Get Information of What You Already Have

If you create a greener wardrobe (figuratively), you can make a powerful impact in your way. Are you thinking of it as a tedious task? Well! It’s not! All you have to do is create an itinerary before hitting “add to basket.”

Look at the colors and fabrics you already own. You might realize you have a lot of favorites already available. And before saying “I don’t have anything to wear,” remember that more than 14 million tonnes of clothes are sent to landfills every year. Hopefully after knowing this fact, you will make better decisions when buying something new. Don’t forget to get more information on deadstock fabric and its use. 

Buy From Stores (Online/Offline) That Promote Sustainability

Remember, buying from brands that understand the importance of sustainability will help you give back greater good to the world. Trust us. By doing so, you will feel elated. Why? As purchasing from fashion brands that enforce sustainability will give you instant gratification. 

So, if you want to make a small contribution to your planet, start buying from fashion brands that are coming up with sustainable women’s clothing and men’s clothing options. That way, you will have an idea that your spendings are making a difference to the world. 

Choose Trans Seasonal Clothes 

It won’t be wrong to say that your physical attributes keep on changing as per your lifestyle. Hence, buying seasonal clothes often turns out to be a waste in the end. This is why you must opt for items that can work for you all year round. What’s the point of shelling out on a summer wardrobe every year when you live in an area that’s cold and rainy?

So, experts suggest taking a 30 wears test whenever you think about buying something. For instance, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, timeless coats, pants, and jackets will make most of your sustainable wardrobe. 

But if you think, why should you opt for one in the first place? The following reasons might help you think otherwise. 

Sustainable Clothing: Benefits 

Sustainable clothing is like a synonym for quality and superiority. Eco-friendly fabrics are softer, stronger, and last for an extended period. In fact, if you buy such clothes, you can guarantee savings since you won’t require spending more on clothes.

Besides that, sustainable clothing reduces water pollution, carbon emissions, and wastage. Plus, you’ll be indirectly supporting fair labor practices. 

Leading a sustainable life is essential now. Besides the options available, you can integrate sustainability in your fashion and clothing aspect as well. Besides the options mentioned above, you can also donate your unwanted clothes rather than leaving them hanging in your wardrobe. 

*Photos by Liza Summer