How to Plan a Memorable Marriage Proposal

Posted August 8, 2022 by in Lifestyle

When it comes to marriage proposals, there are some basic requirements necessary to meet: a ring and possibly a video camera. Beyond that, though, it’s up to the imagination of the person who is doing the proposing. You can find everything from marriage proposal stories involving a helicopter experience to ones involving fake movie trailers. The options are unlimited and great importance should be given to your partner’s unique personality and tastes. From the right place to the right ring, you’ll want to have your details confirmed before the big day. 

If you are starting to plan your proposal, here are some tips on making it as memorable as possible:

man kissing fiance's hand after proposing to her

Nail Down Your Proposal Budget

Before you do anything, make sure you know how much money is available to spend on the proposal. That way, you’ll know exactly what there is to work with, and what you can do with it. If you have a limited amount of money but still have some flexibility on where that money goes, then assign priorities—you may be able to afford a top-shelf ring from the store down the street, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth spending more than what an online retailer charges for something less expensive. 

The ring is an important part of the engagement process. There are so many considerations about what would best suit your loved one. From a round to an oval engagement ring, the possibilities are vast so do some research on different rings. 

Get Familiar With the Four Cs of Diamonds

The 4 Cs of diamonds are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (size). These are what give the diamond its beauty and value: cut refers to a diamond’s polishing and symmetry; clarity refers to how clear or cloudy the stone is; color refers to how pure the hue of the diamond is; finally, carat weight refers to how much the stone weighs and helps determine the price. 

The cut of the gemstone is one way to play with its appearance and appreciate it in different lighting. The cut refers to the shape of the stone, and there are three main cuts: the round brilliant cut—the most popular choice; the oval cut; emerald cut; and the princess cut. The round brilliant cut is what we think of when we imagine a classic engagement ring. It’s a diamond that has been precisely polished and faceted so that it can reflect light from all angles. Baguettes, pears, oval engagement rings—these are just some of the other shapes diamonds come in besides round. 

Choose a Ring that Fits Your Partner’s Lifestyle

Most of the time, someone who is getting engaged will have an idea about what kind of ring they want to give their partner. But just because you know the style and general shape of a ring you’re hoping to buy doesn’t mean your partner might want that same kind of ring. From round to oval engagement rings, there are a number of shapes to choose from. While it’s great to find something they like, it’s also important to consider their lifestyle, since that can affect how often they wear and care for the ring (and therefore how long it lasts).

If your partner is more active or involved in sports, they may want a wider band that can withstand more abuse than a thin one would. If she spends her free time outdoors, she’ll probably enjoy wearing her ring more if there are fewer small stones and more large ones, so as not to get caught on anything. 

When looking at her fingers, watch how she wears her rings. Does she wear them in an orderly fashion, with a single band on one hand and two or more rings on the other? If she wears her rings in a more free-form manner, with several bands on each hand and one or more rings on each finger of both hands, then you should take that into consideration. 

The right band can stand out in a positive way, but if you pick one that is too flashy or has too much going on, it could hinder the beauty of your ring. Instead of standing out, it will compete with your engagement ring—and it’s likely to win because there’s no way you spent less money on the ring than you did on the diamond. If you have an antique engagement ring with delicate filigree and diamonds that catch the light beautifully, a fancy band might make all those details hard to see. If your ring has big, bold diamonds that are already eye-catching, a delicate band might disappear into its surroundings.

Woman showing off her oval engagement ring

Finally, enjoy the moment. Engagements are a once-in-a-lifetime event, make sure you take in the moment for all its worth. In the end, the right ring will be the one that suits the person you love most in the world but the right moment will be something you treasure together for a lifetime. 

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