How to Shop for the Cutest Baby Girl Outfits

Posted February 12, 2020 by in Fashion/ Shopping
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Your little girl will need a lot of baby outfits within her first few years, and it is essential to buy high-quality clothing for her, which you can easily purchase online from, the best baby brand that offers the most comfortable specially designed and handcrafted clothing. When she’s a newborn, you’ll get many outfits for her as welcome presents and shower gifts. However, you’ll also be required to supplement these gifts with practical wardrobe items for her first few months, and a complete wardrobe for every size after that.

Knowing where and when to shop will save you a lot of time and money, while at the same time, ensuring your little angel has all the right outfits to keep her comfortable and looking sharp. Below are some pro tips when shopping for baby girl outfits

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Understanding the Needs of Your Baby Girl

The baby girl’s clothes are usually sized according to the child’s months, but it’s better that you consider the length, developmental stage, and weight of your little princess. Every is brand typically sized slightly differently, so reading the labels will be vital when determining when your little one will wear that specific outfit.

Being aware of what she will need for every stage will be imperative in ensuring you’re ready for the next growth stage. Below is the newborn or layette stage, and what you need to have for your baby girl.

Newborns: The Layette Stage

This layette or newborn stage of the life of your young one has several specific outfit requirements. This phase is usually marked by the first 0-3 months of the child’s life. Most clothing companies tend to ‘force’ new parents to buying at this stage with a long list of ‘must-have’ items, but you don’t need everything given in those lists. However, ensure you pick the following essential items for your baby girl:

  • Onesies– You’ll need around a dozen onesies. Always go for the long or short sleeves depending on the weather. Even if you’re shopping during summer or live in a warm-weather region, you must have several long-sleeved onesies for those chilly mornings and days.
  • Gowns and sleepers– Your little princess will spend most of her time in gowns and sleepers. Hence, you’ll need around a dozen of these. The difference between these is that sleepers typically zip or snap up the front, and this depends on your personal preference. On the other hand, gowns normally open at the bottom for an easier diaper change session.
  • Socks and sweaters– You should have at least five or six pairs of socks for your baby girl. This is important because, during the stage, your little princess might have a hard time controlling her body temperature, so her teeny toes can get chilly. A sweater is essential in keeping your little girl warm as well. Always go for those with a layer over other clothing to match the rest of the outfit.
  • Bibs and hats– Several bibs are important. Whether you’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, your young one is likely to spit up often. Therefore, the bib will extend the time that her adorable outfit looks clean. A few hats are a necessity as they help in keeping the head of your baby girl warm.

Know Where to Shop

Once you’ve known the needs of your baby girl, the next step in comprehending how to shop for baby girl outfits is knowing the shopping options you have. Where you’ll decide to shop will depend on your budget as well as the style you’ll be going for.

Used clothing retailers

When you go for used baby clothing, you’ll save a great deal of money on these necessities. Since babies grow quickly, it’s highly unlikely that their outfits will wear out. You can come across fantastic deals that will help you save the rest of your hard-earned cash on other fun splurges.

Baby clothing retailers

There are numerous stores specializing in baby clothing. Some specialize in more formal clothing, while others offer stylish and cute looks. These clothing retailers are a great place to get soft and comfortable baby girl outfits

Tips to Help You Save When Shopping for Baby Girl Outfits

Shopping for your baby girl’s clothing needs can be an expensive affair regardless of where you decide to shop. However, by following the tips listed below, you can save more and stretch your budget a bit farther. 

Buying ahead

One of the perfect ways to save while shopping for your baby girl outfits is to shop during the off-season. This implies that you buy her winter outfits for the next year at the end of the current winter season. You’ll come across amazing deals on all the necessities and cute items as well.

Taking inventory before you shop

Before heading out to the store, have an already-made list of what you already have for your cute princess. By doing so, you won’t duplicate outfits and end with outfits that she won’t wear.

Sticking to your list

While at the store, it’s highly likely that you’ll be seduced by the wide array of adorable baby outfits that would look dapper on your little one. However, by remaining firm to your list of baby outfits, you’ll be sure that you get all the necessities beforehand.

Clipping coupons

Most cloth stores nowadays are offering mailing lists and coupons that will help you save more. If you have your favorite store, you can go ahead and sign up to get these amazing discounts. 

How to Shop for the Cutest Baby Girl Outfits

Shopping for your baby girl’s outfits is a fun process that doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. Before you set out, set a fixed budget and know what you require and where to get it. This will help in ensuring you get all the necessities without breaking the bank. This will also help ensure you have a few leftovers for the extras.