How to Turn Your Skincare Routine With CBD Into Me Time

Posted July 2, 2022 by in Beauty

Even though some people already consider skincare as a self-care ritual, in reality, it is our habit that doesn’t always make us happy. When you come home after a tedious day, and all you want to do is go to sleep or watch TV, would you be happy to spend 30 minutes staying in front of a mirror?

Most will answer no, and that is the reality of this hectic lifestyle. However, this should not be like that all the time. There are many methods you can boost your skincare routine and run it into the pleasure of spending your “me time”. One of them is CBD.

Let’s explore how you can start enjoying this time and wait for your skincare ritual when you go home. Experts believe that mindful skincare can be more effective, so learn a few of our favourite ways to turn a time labouring skincare routine into an opportunity to achieve peace of mind and self-reflection.

Woman indulging in self-care with a magazine and a skincare routine

Why Add CBD to Skincare?

CBD, somewhere known as cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in hemp plants. In contrast to its well-known cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is obtained from industrial hemp strains that are high in CBD and low in THC, so it doesn’t boast any of THC’s psychoactive properties.

While CBD is better known for its benefits for overall health and wellness, scientists found out that this compound can also support skin health and contribute to its glow. This is why it is added to a variety of skincare products. Once CBD is applied to the skin, active compounds influence receptors located throughout the body and skin. These receptors are a part of the complex endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a vital role in keeping most vital functions in the body in check.

This is why skin care products infused with CBD oil may not only help you achieve healthier and shiny skin but also allow you to balance the mind and achieve homeostasis and self-reflection when taking care of your skin.

Choose The Best Time for You

Skincare should be done both in the morning and in the evening. This is why it is best for you to choose the time you want to procrastinate and enjoy without any tasks or responsibilities that can distract you. In the morning, it can be before breakfast, allowing you to first refresh your face and body before starting the day. In the evening you better choose a time when you take a bath or prepare to sleep. Ask your family to not disturb you and give you 30 minutes for your soothing “me time”.

Consider it as a Meditative Process

Meditation is known as one of the best ways to boost your mental health and achieve calmness. This is why a quick meditation can be something you and your skin need. Before starting your skincare ritual, sit in the bathroom or in the sleeping room, turn off the light, close your eyes and start meditating. You can try to focus on peaceful places and thoughts to help you bring consciousness to the process of applying skin care products like CBD face cream or lotion.

The same you can do when you are applying products. Don’t be in a rush; carefully clean your face with warm water, and slowly apply moisturisers. You can also clean your skin and try to meditate when taking care of the skin while focusing on every little stage.

Here are a few things you may do to start to meditate when applying CBD skincare:

  • Focus on every sensation that you feel while you massage your skin;
  • Notice most sensitive parts of your face;
  • Massage areas that feel tense;
  • Deeply inhale and exhale if your CBD product has essential oils;
  • Try to focus on how these all-natural ingredients in CBD skin care products penetrate through your skin and work from the outside in.

Take Bath Bombs

Before you start applying products to the face, you can first focus on taking care of body skin. While there are many methods you can do this, CBD bath bombs are currently one of the most effective ones. Since they are packed with CBD, you will achieve inner balance, treat your skin with vital nutrients and improve overall wellness.

Play a Soothing Music

Soothing music can help you relax after a tedious day and achieve a better skincare routine. It can be either your favourite calming song or a meditative playlist that you can find on Spotify. Regardless of the song, it has to be calming, so you will be able to focus on how you feel, how your body reacts and enjoy your “me time”.

Inhale Essential Oils

Morning rituals play a crucial role in how the day will go. This is because it can either run or give a boost for the whole day ahead. They should never be skipped, as it helps your mind to maintain balance. In addition, inhaling essential oils through a diffuser can help you achieve the needed mood, as some may help you relax and unwind, while others are best for improved focus and concentration. Some CBD bath bombs and CBD oils for skin contain essential oils as well. But is it easier for you to enjoy bath bombs rather than oils if you want to benefit from these aromatic molecules.

Woman applying a face mask in bed

Whether you’re into meditation and self-reflection or not, doing such a skincare routine every day and step by step can help you unwind and recharge. In addition, all these things may bring other benefits to your health and wellness. If you want to turn your skincare routine into a calming “me time” ritual, these tips can help you maintain homeostasis and boost your morning and pre-sleep routines as well for a more productive day and long sleep.

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