How & Why to Make Reading a Part of Your Everyday Recreational Pursuits

Posted November 28, 2021 by in Lifestyle

In the busy month of December that will certainly soon be here, it can often be hard to find the time to indulge in much-loved hobbies, pastimes, and recreational pursuits.

One such enjoyable recreational activity, however, that can still be managed even throughout the busy festive holiday season is instead of reading your phone or tablet in bed, pick up a real-life paper book to lull you off to a deep sleep. 

With that being said, continue reading to discover how and why you should make reading a firm part of your everyday recreational pursuits:

The Promotion of Strong & Enhanced Communication Skills

Reading about the lives and times of people entirely disconnected from you and often fictitious, unlike scrolling through social media stories about people you know (although, in fairness, these too are likely to be largely fictitious), enables you to have an entirely unique insight into another way of life. 

This, in turn, results in an enhanced level of communication, conversation, and people skills will undoubtedly be noted by your close friends, family members, and loved ones alike if you choose to continue to read regularly. 

The Escape & Alone Time Reading Provides

To really engage and enjoy the time spent alone, contentedly at peace with your mind, and often getting a private insight into another’s, create a reading nook or at least a decluttered and peaceful spot within your home. 

Ensure that you never bring your smartphone or any other electronic device with you and invest in a gorgeous and cozy giant bean bag with beautifully soft, assorted styles of bean bag covers, and always enjoy reading your book with a hot drink of your choice on a nearby table. 

The Imagination & Creativity That Reading Sparks Inside of You!

It is an unequivocal and undisputed proven fact that reading books regularly can offer a substantial injection of creativity and imagination to the reader. 

This subsequent enhanced level of imagination is partly due to the fact that as you read, new information, ideas, ways of life, cultures, and species of animals are devoured by the brain, essentially giving more colors of paint to the proverbial brain’s canvas. 

There are a wide plethora of advantages to possessing a fertile and active imagination, which include allowing yourself to become an innovator and leader rather than a mere follower, new understandings, and an ambition to never settle for second best. 

The Expansion of Your Vocabulary

Perhaps one of the more obvious reasons why you should always have a book ‘on the go’ reading a variety of different genres, styles, and books from different time periods will inevitably but quite wonderfully have an amazing effect on the size of your vocabulary. 

Additionally, if you are considering a new language, or indeed are well on the way to becoming absolutely fluent in French or Spanish, reading a short book in a foreign language will help. 

What’s your favorite book? Share it with us in the comments below!

*Photos by George Milton