Meal Delivery Reviews: Choosing the Best Service for Your Needs

Posted October 4, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Happy couple cooking dinner together

Experts expect that the meal delivery service industry will be worth almost $9 billion by 2025. For comparison, the same market was valued at $2.5 billion in 2017. 

As people around the world discover the convenience of meal delivery services, more customers subscribe to the services. But with a market that large, there are tons of options out there to choose from. 

If you want to get your food from a meal delivery service, you should know how to choose the right one for you. Keep reading for the top three meal delivery reviews:

Cute couple making dinner together


HelloFresh is the largest delivery service in the world. They deliver meals to the US, Canada, and Europe. If you’re looking for a delivery service that will deliver to your home, regardless of location, this is the best option. 

HelloFresh provides different plans based on the number of people eating and your meal preferences. Choose from meat and veggie, veggie-only, family-friendly, and calorie smart plans. Then, choose the two- or four-person plan and between two and six meals per week. 

With HelloFresh, you receive all the ingredients and recipes on your delivery day. You still need to prepare and cook the meal yourself, but you have all the right ingredients and a unique recipe. 

The meals start at $7.49 and increase based on menu choice and plan type. 

Lean and Tasty

If you live in the San Deigo area, Lean & Tasty is the best meal delivery service in the area. Their chef-prepared meals range from Keto to vegan to workout meals. No matter which plan you choose, all meals have no chemicals, added fats, or refined sugars — making it one of the healthiest options. And there’s no actual preparation required from you, making it a quick and easy option. 

Meal prices range from $8.99 to $10.99 and there is a $44.99 minimum per delivery. They have set delivery days of Sundays and Wednesdays. 


Gobble is a United States-based delivery service that sits in between the two other discussed options as far as preparation goes. 

Like HelloFresh, Gobble provides you with all the ingredients and recipes for your meal. They take it a step further by doing all the prep work necessary, such as cutting up produce. This saves you more time in the kitchen while giving you more of a hand’s on experience than Lean and Tasty. 

They offer meal plans ranging from gluten-free to kid-friendly options. As far as price goes, expect to pay around $80 for three meals for two people each week. 

Now that you have three different meal delivery reviews, which one will you choose?

If you live in the San Deigo area, Lean and Tasty is the healthiest and most time-saving option. HelloFresh is great if you live outside the US or in a rural area and are still willing to cook your meals. Gobble is a great option if you still want to be involved in the creation of your meals with a little less work.

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