Pamper Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home

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Want to escape into blissful relaxation without going anywhere? You can! It takes a bit of work to get it set up. But, using the many tips below, you can enjoy the ultimate spa day in your very own home.

This eliminates the stress of driving to and from the spa and the stress of maxing out your credit card. Having a spa day at home means you don’t have to go anywhere or deal with anyone. Simply pull up your most comfortable sweat pants and enjoy the good life. 

Ready to get started? Learn how to have a spa day at home with the guide below:

7 Simple Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home

  1. Plan For Your Spa Day Ahead of Time

A spa day at home is no spur-of-the-moment endeavor. That’s not how a real spa operates, is it? An actual spa has hot towels waiting and staff ready to help you. Could you imagine if you arrived at the spa to find it understaffed, understocked, and poorly managed? No one could relax in a spa like that!

A good spa is never unprepared or caught off guard by your visit. They’re expecting you. Why is that? It’s because you made an appointment so they prepared for your arrival.

In the same way, to throw yourself a spa day, you must prepare for your own appointment.

  1. Actually Clear Your Schedule

This starts with really clearing your schedule. Interruptions are relaxation killers. A single knock at the door will jar you right out of the relaxed state you spent hours to achieve. And worrying about interruptions will prevent you from becoming relaxed in the first place. So don’t just fit it in when you have time off. What if work calls you in?

To truly clear your schedule and avoid interruptions, actually request the time off. Then your work knows you are unavailable that day and won’t try to call you.  Also, request the time off with your family and friends. Make sure they know you are not to be disturbed that day. And finally, put up the “No Soliciting” sign, close the shades, and appear as if no one’s home.

  1. Shower Time

Here are some excellent home spa ideas to try in the shower. First is the dry body scrub. With the water off, grab a body brush and sit in the shower. Scrub your body in small, circular strokes until you’ve exfoliated and stimulated every inch of your skin.

It might seem strange, but this ancient beauty technique provides loads of health benefits for your body. It detoxifies your skin by ridding it of dead cells and stimulates better blood circulation. It also stimulates the release of relaxing endorphins in your brain. 

Next, shut the bathroom door and turn the shower all the way to hot. Let it run for a couple of minutes to fill the room with steam. And there you have it, your very own instant saunaYou can enhance this experience by plugging the drain and adding a few drops of essential oils while the water’s running.

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  1. Stock Up and Organize

Buy any and all supplies you’ll need the week before. Arrange all your face creams, spa wax, and other products on a shelf for easy access. Also, get hot towels ready. Just before your facial, soak a towel in hot water and wring it out so it’s damp but not wet. Place one or more of these in a large bowl and cover the bowl with a folded, dry towel.

Et voila! Your hot towels are ready for use.

To add to the relaxation, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, like eucalyptus or lavender, to the water when soaking the towels. Furthermore, get your house cleaned up. Who could relax in a dusty, cluttered mess? If you have to, request enough time off to make sure your home spa is sparkling clean.

  1. Pamper All of Your Senses

So you see, while hot towels are relaxing, scented hot towels are even more relaxing. This illustrates an important point. One of the most relaxing aspects of a spa is that it pampers all 5 of your senses.

So, when stocking up, keep all five senses in mind. Pick up some of your favorite scented candles and essential oils. Make sure you have some delicious and aromatic herbal tea on hand.

Set up dim lighting. Choose some relaxing music or nature sound effects to put on in the background. Get some bath salts and a massaging foot bath.

Plan therapeutic treatment for all your senses. This is the most efficient way to relax your whole being.

  1. Turn Off Your Phone

No spa staff would take calls in the middle of your session? Absolutely not, and neither will you. For a truly enjoyable spa day, all non-pampering technology is 100% off-limits. Your phones (cell and landlines), computers, tablets—any and all communication devices—must be turned off and unplugged for your entire session.

In fact, unplug every electronic device that isn’t completely necessary. (Don’t unplug your fridge.) Everything plugged into your wall emits a low hum. You don’t notice because you’re so used to it. But you notice how quiet the house gets when your power goes out, right? That’s what you want to achieve, here. Unplugging all unnecessary electronics will significantly reduce the decibels in your place of relaxation.

  1. Clear Out Your Air Passageways

Deep breathing is essential for relaxation. Shallow breathing causes tension and stress in your body. Deep breathing helps your body release this tension. Also, deep breathing is easier to do when your air passageways aren’t all stuffed up. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus are scientifically proven to help with this.

Inhaling these oils opens up and clears out your breathing passageways. Inhaling lavender can reduce inflammation caused by allergies and asthma.

When steaming up your shower sauna, add these oils to the water as described above. You can also inhale these scents with a hot towel. Soak a towel in hot water with essential oils and wring it out. Sit in a comfortable position with your head laid back.  Place the towel over your face and leave it there. Breathe slowly and deeply for 5-10 minutes.

A truly relaxing home spa requires careful planning and setup. Now, thanks to this guide, you’re set to do just that!

If you have some tips of your own, share them in the comments section below!

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